Ex-lover brad pitt said about his desire to reunite with him

Бывшая любовница Брэда Питта заявила о своем желании с ним воссоединиться
The singer admitted that he misses the actor.

Бывшая любовница Брэда Питта заявила о своем желании с ним воссоединиться

Brad Pitt


Sinitta Mellon


Popular in Britain, the singer Sinitta
said he’d like to resume his long-standing affair with brad pitt. “I’m alone now and
looking for a new guy. I miss you, brad, call me!” said live
the TV show “Loose Women” singer
that several years ago she divorced her husband Andy Wilderom. “One looks not enough for me. I’m looking for
adult, Mature and strong man…” — said Zinita, hinting that pitt
complies with its requirements.

Sinitta Malone met with brad in the late 80’s. Their romance lasted about a year, and be initiated
gap was exactly it. Sinitta fell in love with actor David Essex
for the sake of it decided to leave pitt. By the way, for her resumption of relations
with any of the former — is not an exceptional case. She always tried not
quarrel with their Boyfriends at parting, and left the right

However, pitt’s most likely now
not to Sinitta. Firstly he is now busy with the shooting — pitt was given the main
role in the sci-Fi Thriller Ad Astra. And every pause in the work he uses to
to see his six sons, whom he brought along with Jolie. Besides
well he hasn’t completed his divorce with Angelina and still
fighting for the right to obtain joint custody of Maddox, Shiloh, Paxom
By Tien, Saharai, Vivienne and Knox.