Экс-возлюбленный Аделины Сотниковой о предательстве: «Это была случайная связь» Alexander Jelly has denied the existence of a love triangle in a relationship with a figure skater. The TV presenter told the truth about the breakup with Adelina Sotnikova.

      Экс-возлюбленный Аделины Сотниковой о предательстве: «Это была случайная связь»

      The leak of intimate texting has ruined personal life skater Adelina Sotnikova and TV presenter Alexander Jelly. Just a few weeks ago, 19-year-old Olympic champion shone on the red carpet, clutching the hand of her new boyfriend – 21-year-old presenter of the program “Magazzino”. The pair met in February at the joint of one shots for glossy magazines, and a few days later could not imagine life without each other. Talk about a sudden flash of the novel the lovers were in no hurry – was afraid to jinx it. However, their happiness were destroyed by evil tongues.

      Adelina Sotnikova’s cheated lover

      The news of love triangle today was an unpleasant surprise for all the fans of this pair. Negative about her and Alexander. So much so, that he decided to break the silence and tell the truth. According to him, a fleeting affair with Malika ended shortly before his acquaintance with Adelina.

      “With a girl named Malika, I really was familiar, but nothing but random connection between us was not and could not be – admitted “StarHit” broadcaster. – It happens in every man’s life and don’t need to make a sensation, as some media. Our dialogue ended before my relationship with Adelina. When in a press there were messages that we with Adelina pair, Malik called me and threatened to tell about our relationship to journalists. I don’t know, I guess I did care about her, and leaped for female jealousy. Or maybe she wanted to be promoted at our expense, more than likely, she is a designer and yet not particularly successful. I asked to leave us with Adelina alone, and this angered her even more. The correspondence, which appeared in the media – it’s a fake clean water, never anything I like Malik did not write and did not receive from her such messages. Our relationship with Adelina, to my great regret, could not resist the pressure of lies and negativity that has befallen us lately. In any case, I am very warm feel about her and I wish her all the best, hoping that once the dust settles around us, we can try again to be together”.

      We will remind, today at the disposal of “Stargate” turned out to be fragments of correspondence of a young man with 30 years of model Malika Mirzoyanova. In reports, the girl directly notified unfaithful lover of an impending breakup. This decision she took after learning that the Milk meets in parallel with the famous Sotnikova.

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