Экс-ведущая «Орла и решки» едва не погибла в ДТП вместе с дочерью Natalie Nevedrova was on the verge of a terrible tragedy. According to the blogger, her car came an impressive size SUV. If the star stayed like that, could happen something irreparable.
Экс-ведущая «Орла и решки» едва не погибла в ДТП вместе с дочерью

Natalie Nevedrova known to a wider audience through the work in the show “heads and tails”, told of an embarrassing incident on the road. Despite solid driving experience – blogger and TV presenter behind the wheel for ten years – the star nearly had an accident with her daughter Marie-Nicole. Recently Nevedrova was first “scared to tears”. “I even flew a truck turning from the yard to my main road. Then I ducked and suffered only rear brother-in-law,” recalled the celebrity.

The recent incident made Nevedrova to think about the behavior of other drivers. A young woman approached the members and asked them to be careful on the road. According to Natalie, any misstep can cost the lives of other people.

“I stood at the curb and took three deep breaths to move on. Gaelic at full speed began to turn left right in front of me with the second strip. I have a very good reaction. I stopped for a second before the collision. In the car was me and Marie-Nicole. We both buckled in. And we both really want to live,” I told him about the incident.

Members Natalie was not seriously disturbed by the information she shared on the Network. “Another second, and who knows what would have happened. You are very lucky that you have such good reactions”, “Horror”, “Today there is a very similar situation”, “not in a hurry! Better to be late, to linger, but to play it safe. You can never understand what they think other drivers”, “Nightmare”, “you Have a good guardian angel,” – commented the followers of a young woman.

A few hours before the incident Nevedrova said about how she had just finished the victory Day. Hearing the noise of aircraft and helicopters, zlatovcica to the rehearsal, the blogger was very scared.

“In the head was even hanging about the picture, how far a kindergarten and where you want to run. After a moment I realized that they were flying peacefully. For the sake of the parade. For the dress rehearsal. I’m sure that even after experiencing these terrible emotions, I’ll never be able to realize how scary it was then. For what we have, we always need to be able to thank. I bow to those, thanks to whom we are. Let us smile each day. Peaceful sky over your head!” – said the ex-host of the show “heads and tails” to the subscribers.

Recall that Natalie Nevedrova worked in the popular television program the summer of 2017. The blogger replaced Lesya Nikityuk, who had gone on vacation. Natalie managed to perfectly settle in the new place, and colleagues spoke of her very warmly. However, in February of this year Nevedrova left the project. Natalie Nevedrova spoke about returning to the show “heads and tails”