Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно» Member of the project “star Factory-4” and remembered how difficult life was in the star building under the cameras and said “StarHit” he wants to meet his love. Jura Titov knows that his wife can only be a creative girl.

      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»

      A graduate of project star Factory-4″ Yuri Titov, he writes music and songs. Since participation of the singer in the TV show it took 12 years, and still remember the girls who were waiting for a statement of the Jura in the First channel and sang the hits “Fun”, “Kiss me” and “Forever.” Now in the collection of the musician new jazz compositions, he traveled with concerts throughout Russia. The actor spoke with “StarHit” and talked about their successes and dreams, and remembered how it changed the “star Factory-4”. The young man got there at the age of 19, so he had to pass the test of fame and not to develop themselves while in the stardom. Titov claims that haven’t changed over the years.

      Yuri, once your name is recognized the whole country, you talked about the hundreds of thousands of young girls who have grown up, become wives and mothers. What they need to know about today’s Yura Titov?
      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»I try to treat myself with humor. I became more comfortable both on stage and in life. I write music, lyrics. Informed me this was not observed. I debuted in the role of the composer when we recorded with Alexa track “My happiness”. Many then asked: “whose is this song? Igor Krutoy?”, – because everything is already accustomed to that, Igor Yakovlevich inseparably linked with us as a music producer. You can imagine how for me, as the author was flattering the comparison. A collection of my songs gradually replenished. I plan soon to release a new single and sing a duet. By the way, my concert program also has changed: now it contains jazz compositions, including English. Today Yury Titov as happy as ever.—
      Is there still fans that still listen to you, from 2004 to 2016, maybe with some you become friends?
      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»Of course, there is one most loving, in my opinion, a fan and a friend who recently became a mother. Friends since 2004 to this day. There are new listeners, a list of which is growing every day. I just love the audience.
      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»
      Many of your colleagues, with whom at one time you were on the “Factory” shudder to imagine the time when you lived under a sight of cameras. For example, Alex talked about the terrible conditions in which all of you graduates of “factory of stars”, had to work on penny fees, the lack of sleep… What can you say about this time?
      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»Of course, it was not easy. However, it was incredibly exciting. Like a roller coaster. I think this Alex will not argue. You know, if we talk only about the camera that was hanging over us in the shower and the toilet for three months, that it wasn’t easy. And if you remember that I met Lara Fabian who came to visit us, it was unforgettable. I sang with Garou – it was amazing. At the age of 19 I started working with one of the best musicians in our country, Igor Krutoy. I see a lot of positive situations that have happened to me in the “Factory of stars”. They discolor the negative aspects of this project. Tour and fees is a separate story not related to music.—
      Treating you thank? Did you subsequently revise their attitude to it and to the world?
      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»Psychologically at the age of 19 can not in any way to prepare for such a show. Nice, you should keep a psychologist. And it’s not “fame”, is to promote your face. This is just a show. For me everything happening then was a lesson. The point here is absolutely not that man is conceited, and that at this age the adolescent mind is not fully grown.—
      Many of your colleagues with “American idol” has achieved unprecedented heights in the profession – Irina Dubtsova, Stas Peha, Dominik Joker… Follow the progress of friends? Maintain relationships with them?
      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»Despite the fact that we rarely communicate with the three aforementioned colleagues, I believe that all three of these musicians are very talented, but I feel closer to the work of Irina Dubtsova. Many guys maintain warm and friendly relations. Many of them even go on tour: Anton Zatsepin, Masha Weber, Nikita Malinin, Hope Yoshino, Prokhor Chaliapin.
      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»
      After the release of the album “Room” you made a pause in creativity. As you all these years do for a living? Where he worked and in what capacity?
      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»The album “Room” was an experiment. Five songs from that album were composed by Igor Krutoy, the other five Anton Koch. I didn’t take a break in the work, just ended a contract with a record company. I am also interested in jazz, musicals, acting and even Opera. For a living I with a tour, luckily nothing else.
      You really spend a lot of time with family, even go with them on vacation. You have to Instagram a lot of photos with my mom. You since childhood, so close together?
      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»I’m not a sissy, if that. But, fortunately, it so happened that my mother, for me and friend and colleague and counselor, and fair critic. We will deal with it on equal terms, and to us it is interesting.
      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»
      Have you ever thought about creating your own strong families. We know that you have a growing child. Help to raise a daughter?
      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»I really want a family and children, this question, I do actively. I have a beautiful daughter, she’s 10 years old. We don’t live together, but relationships are supported. —
      Maybe you already found the person who would like to tie the knot?
      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»I’m eyeing. Now my heart is free. But I do know that my wife is a creative girl.
      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»
      In what field would you like to try still?
      Экс-фабрикант Юра Титов: «Мое сердце все еще свободно»With pleasure would try himself as a Director or actor. I would also like to star in a musical film, playing myself in him. —
      If you could change something in the past, what events would you have deleted from your life?
      If I have deleted events from my past, perhaps it would be a different present and different future. So I have no regrets.

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