Бывший муж хочет отобрать у Кортни Кокс дочку
David Arquette is threatening the former “Friends” star court.

Бывший муж хочет отобрать у Кортни Кокс дочку

Courteney Cox with daughter and fiancé


Relationship of former spouses — 54-year-old star of “Friends” Courteney Cox and actor David Arquette — noticeably deteriorated. More recently, they communicated peacefully, but now began fiercely to quarrel
because of his child, 14-year-old daughter Coco.

Courtney broke up with David, with whom she lived in
legally married 14 years, back in 2010, and the official divorce was issued, when
Coco was 9 years old. She was a long-awaited and hard-won
child for Courtney. Before she was born, the actress had a number of
premature pregnancies, and she was beginning to lose hope of becoming a mother.
Perhaps that is why Cox always literally “blew off the dust” with Coco, trying
to protect her from harm. But if when the girl was little, it did not cause her protest, but now, when she became
as a teenager, everything changed.

Under the terms of the divorce from Arquette, custody of Coco got
Cox, and David tried not to interfere particularly in the upbringing of his daughter, believing,
what Courtney is doing everything right. Recently, however, Coco started to continuously complain
to his mother, saying that she doesn’t give her take a step without his control. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Arquette after the divorce married again, and Coco
now has the ability to see that her father brings his son from
new marriage not as drawn to her mother.

David was afraid that the girl who is now
in a complex age, can begin to rebel in earnest, and it could end badly.
So he turned to Courtney with a request to cease so hard to control my daughter, but she even didn’t want to listen your ex. She doesn’t do this now:
she is preparing for her wedding with her fiancé David Macadam, who under her
at the age of 13. Arquette, waiting for ex-wife’s cooperation
threatened to sue on the renegotiation of the custody of Coco, and this may
end for Courtney that she’ll lose her daughter.

David Arquette with his son