Ex-husband Volochkova visited for the first time in her new mansion

Бывший муж Волочковой впервые побывал в ее новом особняке Ballerina boasted house before Igor Vdovin. Anastasia Volochkova admitted that he invited the father to his daughter, to show him how she always wanted to live. The luxurious three-story mansion star moved last spring.

      Бывший муж Волочковой впервые побывал в ее новом особняке

      Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova loves your house on Novorizhskoe highway. Housing star is proud of it. Anastasia Volochkova showed the house for two million dollars

      Anastasia loves to throw parties for friends and guests in her mansion for half a year have visited a lot. Were not among them, only one person – the ex-husband of the ballerina and the father of her daughter Arisha Igor Vdovin.

      As recognized by Anastasia Volochkova in interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” television channel NTV, it was decided to invite an ex to the birthday of Ariadna. In late September, she was 11 years old, and my mom had her home party. Igor Vdovin accepted the invitation. Ex-husband, the ballerina met head-on emerald green lace dress with open back profitable emphasized her slender figure and looked her green eyes. Ballerina noted that Igor Vdovin, for the first time in five years, congratulated her with birthday.

      “The Pope himself did not come to us, we do it with Arish invited. Part of me wanted to boast, confessed Anastasia Volochkova. – We with Igor were difficulties in life, I am four months pregnant they wandered in rented houses. And today I say: just look at what mansion I’ve always wanted to live! I wanted dad Arisha saw what excellent conditions created for his daughter. Yes, her bedroom eighty square meters, many people have apartments there!”

      Anastasia Volochkova has surpassed ex-husband and gifts for my daughter. Dad gave Arish a normal girly baubles – a beautiful purse and the makeup. And my mother did not stint on expensive fancy shower where there is even a light show.

      Have you assessed Igor Vdovin efforts ballerina to arrange a beautiful and comfortable life, She does not know. “He just said congratulations. And all” – a little frustrated said Volochkova.

      We will remind, ballerina Anastasia Volochkova and businessman Igor Vdovin had a very long relationship. In 2005, the couple had a daughter, Ariadne. In 2007 the lovers organised the wedding ceremony, but later the ballerina said that officially, the pair did not registered the relationship. After several years of marriage, the Union star and the businessman fell apart. In April of last year, Igor Vdovin married to a rock singer Barbara Demidova. The lovers became husband and wife after a two year romance.