Бывший муж отнял дочь у экс-возлюбленной Пьера Нарцисса  Marianne Suvorov, who was accused of one of the graduate “Factories of stars” rape, sues over baby. That’s about a year radio host can’t communicate with the successor of Sofia. The girl was taken to another country without the permission of the mother.
Бывший муж отнял дочь у экс-возлюбленной Пьера Нарцисса

Last spring, radio host Marianne Suvorov shocked the whole country, accusing the performer of the hit “Chocolate Bunny” in the brutal rape. The woman claimed that Pierre Narcisse raised her hand and pinched his nose, preventing to breathe. Statement Suvorova has caused ambiguous reaction of the public. One suspects Marianne of lying and the desire to be glorified through the name of Narcissus. Pierre refused to confirm such information.

Raped by Pierre Nartsiss radio host tested on the lie detector

Now Marianne again in the center of the scandal. This time the woman is suing her ex-husband Andrew for the right to educate a daughter Sophia. After a sensational television Suvorov divorced, and her ex-husband took away 12-year-old girl in Portugal. Marianne help friends. In their opinion, her choice was very unfair.

“Husband kidnapped their shared daughter and took her away in an unknown direction, trying to limit Marian to maternal rights. Thank God, it did not work! Marianne more years looking for her daughter. It turned out that the father took her to an island in Spain, where even the planes that rarely fly. As it turned out, probably at work, dad often flew with her daughter in Moscow. But never my mom got to see Sonia… And now, when Marianne put a ban on leaving, they again appeared to have arrived. And can not fly. And only this fact made my dad give my mom an appointment with her daughter”, – write in social networks friends and family woman.
Бывший муж отнял дочь у экс-возлюбленной Пьера Нарцисса

Now ex-husband Suvorova trying to get her to lift the ban on the departure of his daughter. Leading doesn’t want to go to meet him. “If she does, you hardly ever see the heavy sleeper” – believe friends Marianne. To support Suvorov, they have launched a campaign to collect money online. The woman claims that it has sufficient funds for the litigation.

Trying to achieve justice, Suvorov wrote a letter to President Vladimir Putin, asked the project “Turkinator” and posted a petition online. Now Marianna talks to her only daughter on the phone, but sometimes it is unable for weeks to contact the child. According to Suvorova, abroad, the girl kept in poor conditions.

“Sofia is constantly under pressure. She asks to go home, but dad promises her to come, each time shifting the time. I spent weeks unable to get through to her. He is against medicine, the child is not attending physicians. Also he is against any animal products, despite their strict regulations. I am very afraid of fatal consequences in physical and psychological health of his only daughter”, – said in the petition leading.

In this regard, Marianne plans to deprive the former husband’s parental rights. Leading emphasizes that he wants to get his daughter back legally. If the ex-spouse and Sophia was willing to communicate, Suvorov would interpose obstacles. “But I want to be sure that he will never steal her away by fraud,” adds the woman.