Ex-husband of Victoria Dayneko revealed the horrors of family life with the singer

Бывший муж Виктории Дайнеко раскрыл ужасы семейной жизни с певицей Dmitry Kleiman said that he had experienced in the marriage. The drummer never could have imagined that their fast-paced novel will have the same ending. The man admitted that Cheryl Cole could afford to raise a hand on him and constantly reproached him.

Last year it became known about the gap, Victoria Dayneko and Mr Kleiman. First couple ceased to live together, and then the man filed for divorce. Musicians growing up a daughter Lydia, which the singer stubbornly hides.

Dmitri decided to have a Frank conversation with journalists. For more than three years of Dating with the actress he had difficult – according to him, the fiancee wanted a more secure life that twenty-year-old man could not provide. Kleiman tried to be Daineko a good husband – he refused to work on the house, and when you were born, dear Lydia, began to care for the child. Nevertheless, even in such a rhythm he continued to work to support his family.

“Had to literally be torn to pieces, becoming a nanny, housekeeper and breadwinner. By the time became a bit more money for two decades guy very good money. But the “stars” Victoria Dayneko was that scale? Tried more time to spend with his family. Washing floors, dishes, cooking, changing daughter’s diapers, rocked her for hours, rocking on the fitball. And in the evening raced to concerts, went on tour,” said the man.

According to drummer Vic didn’t appreciate his work, and never thanked for what he did. For him, it was surprising that Dayneko not know how to cook and run the household, while considering the work husband for granted. Kleiman admitted that hear in your address accusations that it is not motivated.

Dmitry remembered that they went to rest in Montenegro, together with common friends. The drummer gave the opportunity to the wife to have a nice lunch, while he was walking with a child. When they returned, Dimitri was asked to feed the baby breastfeeding. Victoria wanted her husband covered, although in the room we could be alone without his help.

“After these my words Vika kicked the chair and said that Yes, it will cost itself. Tried to soften the situation, asked not to be mad and lightly slapped her on the ass, even slapped and stroked. And then my head poured hot tea. Burned the shoulders, back, I was in shock. Never hit a woman and then could not afford it. Under the stunned looks of our company quietly got up from the table, went outside, took a taxi and went back to the Villa. And then I went to the night sea, swam, cleaving the black water, and screamed and screamed…” said Kleiman.

Now Dmitry suggests that his ex-wife fueled with the energy they received during the fighting. According to Kleiman, Victoria didn’t give him room to move – constantly monitoring all of his actions in social networks, forbidden to communicate with friends, regularly demanded an explanation.

When the man found in the closet cufflinks, which the singer was going to give him the unknown person, Victoria did not make excuses. The drummer took it as a call to action and suggested a divorce. But his wife blocked his way. When he pushed her, Victoria pushed him.

Husband of Victoria Daineko about divorce: “Not going to fix anything”

“I was standing on the tile floor, I couldn’t resist and slipped, hit the door jamb with his head. Blood literally gushing out. The wife silently did the dressing and left for the concert. I went to the hospital to sew up the wound. Had to lie to mom that I worry,” Kleiman said in an interview “the Collection a Caravan of stories”.

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