Ex-husband of Tatyana Arntgolts left his wife and 7-month-old son

Бывший муж Татьяны Арнтгольц ушел от жены и 7-месячного сына
Ivan Zhidkov, and Soloviev Lily broke up.

Photo: Instagram

Ivan Zhidkov, and Soloviev Lily were together a little over two years. In October last year they had a child together. The boy’s name is Stepan. It seemed that this young family is very happy, but as you know, Instagram has nothing to do with real life.

That relationship ended Lily announced in his personal blog. Initially she wasn’t going to focus on the breakup with her husband (the stars were not married but considered themselves a family).

“When I was little, my parents managed to keep the family together before my third birthday! wrote model. In the end, growing up with grandmother, I was afraid to repeat their destiny! Was afraid to such an extent that my marriage ended in divorce in 7 month old son. Until recently, I didn’t want to announce, but yesterday’s Instagram Vani was the last straw for me! And I would have swallowed and pretended that nothing happened, but plumped the chickens with his “Ivan and Tatiana such a beautiful couple”! Well, enjoy your chicken! Ivan and Tanya was really beautiful couple! And we were too anything to be honest. There are always reasons why something is so and not otherwise! But as they say, everything passes, this too shall pass! I am grateful for the little man, who taught me true love and for Labrador you’ve always dreamed of. Sure save not less than warm relationship with my son, but for now I’ll go and read books about forgiveness, love, gratitude and other things that are not characteristic of hormone-dependent woman.”

Apparently the reason for the break was excessive jealousy of the model to the past of the actor, as well as her emotional reaction to everything connected with it.

Solovyov and the liquid broke up about a month ago, so now the actor is looking for housing. That is why yesterday he hinted that he wanted to move closer to his former wife and daughter. He showed a joint photo with ex-wife, putting in signatures that are preparing to move into a new house.

The pair sparked a lively reaction in the Network, because the couple Arntgolts-the liquid left a lot of fans who dream about their reunion. However, they have long established friendly relations, and intention to live together is a result of joint parenting of daughter — Masha. After all, it is very convenient to “pass” each other a child who is not performing with a long way along the capital’s traffic jams.

By the way, members of the Lily do not exclude that the cause of all quarrels have really become the “hormones” of a young mother, and still not over. “When passions subside, they will come!” — sure fans of the couple.

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