Ex-husband of Renee Zellweger has lost his home

Бывший муж Рене Зеллвегер  потерял свой дом
The estate of the singer turned into a “military zone”.

Бывший муж Рене Зеллвегер  потерял свой дом

Kenny Chesney


Country singer Kenny chesney, ex-husband of Renee
Zellweger said that his mansion completely destroyed by hurricane Irma. It
the house that he many years ago had acquired on the island of St John is part of
the composition of the virgin Islands turned into a pile of debris after
how were the wind blow, sweeping away everything in its path with a speed of 180 miles per hour.

“It simply is no more. This place is meant for
me so much. And now this beautiful place is like in the area
hostilities,” chesney wrote on his page on the social network
illustrating his words with imagery reflecting horrific destruction.

As told by Kenny, the main place
of residence is the city of Nashville, it was held by the St John lot
time: the local scenery inspired him to write, and he dedicated the island
a lot of their songs. Fortunately, in the day when the disaster struck the island
the singer was far away. But after coming back when the storm rushed on, he found complete devastation. “It looks like a disaster
of biblical proportions,” said chesney. He said that income from its new
songs and upcoming concerts are going to transfer to the Fund
the victims of the hurricane. Kenny wants to help not only the residents
their island, but the inhabitants of Puerto Rico, St. Barts and other places, whose homes
was a hurricane on the way Irma.

Photo: Instagram.com