Ex-husband of Reese Witherspoon is suing his mistress

Бывший муж Риз Уизерспун судится со своей любовницей
Ryan Phillippe denies allegations of beatings.

Бывший муж Риз Уизерспун судится со своей любовницей

Elsie Hewitt


Ryan Phillippe


Ex-husband of Reese Witherspoon and the father of her two children, 43-year-old Ryan Phillippe , remembered by the viewers of the movie “Cruel intentions”, filed
in court his girlfriend, 21-year-old model Elsie Hewitt. The actor accuses Elsie in
libel. Ryan stated that the purpose of filing the lawsuit to “clear his good name”.

This story began with,
last year, Asli, whom he had met some time, and which
even lived in his house, accused Ryan in the beatings. She then said that they
fought at the party and decided to walk away from Ryan. And when she later
night came in the actor’s house to collect their things, that, according to her,
attacked her, beat and thrown from the top of the stairs. Doctors testified that the injuries
with which it on the same day went to the hospital, were really “fresh”.
As stated by Hewitt, Ryan, according to her testimony, abused drugs and
drink, and that he has not once experienced the sudden fits of rage,
a victim of one of which it has become.

However, Philip presented
the incident quite differently. He then said: Elsie allegedly broke into his house
the middle of the night without his permission, and she was drunk. He allegedly touched her
a finger, and on the stairs she fell herself — hence her injuries.

According to a statement Hewitt was initiated criminal
investigation. However, his Philip managed to hush up. Both participants of incident
was held “educational” conversation, after which the police officer stated,
both sides promised to continue to avoid such incidents. But as soon as
closed a criminal investigation, Elsie filed a civil suit against
Philip. And demanded from him, in compensation a million dollars! Ryan
called it extortion and said that will not pay. And now in court go
two parallel proceedings: one against Philip, and the other against his now former mistress. Who
of them will win – time will tell.