Ex-husband of Olga Buzova showed how having fun with the bride in the bath

Бывший муж Ольги Бузовой показал, как развлекается с невестой в бане
The footballer posted a photo of the pair.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko

Photo: @tarasov23 Instagram Dmitriy Tarasov

Dmitry Tarasova and Anastasia Kostenko, apparently, is haunted by the glory of Anastasia Volochkova, which among other things was famous for his pictures of the bath. The player recently told fans that spent Monday in the steam room, and felt it necessary to show how it passed this process. Dmitry has published a picture made at bath, where he is depicted with his bride and friends. Curiously, this picture is not the first frame of the pair, which publishes Tarasov. If you recall, at the last photo with the beloved athlete posed completely naked. This time Dmitry has shown a more chaste shot, however he managed to cause negative users of the Network.

Fans responded to the photos you post rather abruptly. Many thought that the photo of the baths, where not long ago Tarasov drove his ex-wife, addressed to Olga Buzova. Last weekend she appeared in a revealing sheer outfit at the award MusicBox 2017, showing a perfect figure. The TV star managed to rivet the attention of all present, and at the same time to get the first prize from the music channel: Olga was awarded a special prize “On the wave”. Soon Buzova will premiere the first album and held a solo concert. Its success, according to fans and pushes the player to frequent publication in the Network (which incidentally, he wanted to avoid after the divorce). Like, he tries to prove that nothing is lost, having parted with Buzova.

However, Dmitry has its defenders — fans club “Lokomotiv”, confident in the fact that Dmitry gap with Buzova went too only good. Many have noticed that Tarasov was scoring more goals than before. His last goal in gate of the rival, he devoted, by the way, his bride, showing in front of thousands of fans piled out of the hands of the heart as a love confession.