Ex-husband of Olga Buzova has changed beyond recognition

Бывший муж Ольги Бузовой изменился до неузнаваемости
Anastasia Kostenko showed him a new photo.

Photo: Instagram

Midfielder football club “Lokomotiv” Dmitry Tarasov became famous not so much playing the field, how much of her personal life. He was married to one of the now famous stars of domestic show-business Olga Buzova. Then with the scandal left her for a young beauty model Anastasia Kostenko.

Now Dmitry and Anastasia is happily married and soon expecting an addition to the family. In late summer-early autumn they will be born daughter. For Kostenko this will be the first child, and Dmitry grows up another daughter from his first marriage (before Buzova). Angelina this year will be 9 years.

Appearance Dmitry has a pretty memorable, and on the field its hard not to notice. Growth Tarasova — 192 cm, which is quite a lot for a player. Facial features ex-spouse Buzova large, but it didn’t help the developers of the popular computer game “FIFA” to achieve portrait similarity with the Vice-captain of the Moscow “Locomotive”.

Anastasia Kostenko showed the fans what looks like Tarasov, according to the creators of the game. Find out in this player Tarasova is not possible. The word “FIFA” is the favorite computer game of Dmitry. Football is so his favorite thing is that he stops playing in it even outside of training. Colleague Tarasova team Vitaly Denisov in one of his interviews said that Dmitry is a real ACE in this game, and with it few can match.