Ex-husband of Natalia Yunnikova cut out episodes of her new series

Бывший муж Натальи Юнниковой вырежет эпизоды с ней из нового сериала Anton Fedotov has frankly told about the life and work of the ex-wife. Shortly before his death, Natalia Yunnikova began to play in the new project Director “Ivanov-Ivanov.” However, because of the tragedy the young woman did not finish shooting, and now it will take another actress.
Бывший муж Натальи Юнниковой вырежет эпизоды с ней из нового сериала

30 September in Moscow held a farewell to Natalia Yunnikova. A young woman was buried in the cemetery Perepechenko. Her ex-husband, Director Anton Fedotov has decided to give an interview in which has told about the creative problems in the life of the actress.

“More than anything, she wanted to play on the stage or in the movies. Tried to find interesting roles, but all the time something did not work. As a result, Natasha felt like a hostage of the series “Return of Mukhtar”. She repeatedly tried to leave the project, but was very afraid to remain without work,” said Anton.
Бывший муж Натальи Юнниковой вырежет эпизоды с ней из нового сериала

The man said that Natalia was a wonderful mother and wife. The couple had been married for ten years, but at some point their relationship went wrong. After retiring from the TV series “Return of Mukhtar” Junikowo pursued creative failures. She stopped to offer movie roles, so the young woman had to go to work for the seller.

It is possible that Natalia would be able to regain its former popularity. The fact that shortly before the tragic death of the actress started acting in a new project of the ex-spouse.

“I took her to work in the TV series “the Ivanov-Ivanov.” Natasha turned to the ex-wife of the protagonist. A good role, major, and playing in front of the camera, she was happy again. Literally glowed. This commitment saw the producers, they were happy with the work Natasha. Now you will have to completely reshoot every scene with her participation. The fact is that character important to the plot, it will appear in the second season, so, even in the memory of ex-wife I can’t leave this role behind her,” – said Fedotov.

Now all the thoughts of men are busy raising 11-year-old son Roland. Before the boy lived with Natalia, but now his guardian would be the father. “The child knows that mom died, but still refuses to believe it. I was hoping that after the divorce, she can meet someone to love that will give birth to more children, but it is visible not destiny,” said Anton.

We will remind that Natalia Yunnikova died on the 26th of September. A few days before this young woman fell awkwardly, resulting in the strongly hit in the head. The doctors brought her into a state of artificial coma. Fans had hoped until recently that star cinema will survive, but she died without regaining consciousness.

Directed by Vladimir Zlatoustovsky, who worked with Natalia on the creation of the series “Return of Mukhtar” told Woman’s day that the actress has become a hostage of his most famous roles. “It will not take, and to retrain in those makeup ladies wardrobe mistress or she would not. He was afraid to fall in the eyes of colleagues, she worked on a popular project, and then oblivion. She was bright, but reserved man,” said the Director.