Ex-husband of Masha Rasputina died show backstage Shepeleva

Бывший муж Маши Распутиной скончался за кулисами шоу Шепелева Vladimir Ermakov died a week ago. As reported by the husband of Masha Rasputina Viktor Zakharov, the man became ill thwarted after the recording of “actually”. According to him, the actress was not present at the funeral.
Бывший муж Маши Распутиной скончался за кулисами шоу Шепелева

Today it became known that the ex-husband of singer Masha Rasputina, Vladimir Ermakov died. Current husband of the actress Viktor Zakharov told “StarHit” what happened to the man. It turned out that shortly before death the ex-boyfriend could see a famous singer.

“You know, under what circumstances he died? Direct transfer at Shepeleva, came Mary to sling mud. When they realized that they had not complied with the conditions, she got up and left. And he refused the fee, – said Zakharov. They called an ambulance and brought him to the home of a deceased cohabitant. Today she was invited to she confirmed that he died at home. They called me”.

According to Victor Von, a sad event happened a week ago. He made it clear that Masha Rasputina was not present at the funeral ex-husband.

Бывший муж Маши Распутиной скончался за кулисами шоу Шепелева

For a long time, the singer was at odds with a former spouse. As it turned out, the man was placed in a psychiatric hospital they shared a daughter Lydia. For 12 years the artist did not communicate with their own child, and in mid-June last year established relations. Then the singer decided that the girl should live with her. Masha Rasputina was reunited with her eldest daughter

Lydia admitted that she was ashamed for my behavior with mom. She said that dad made her a disabled person of the second group. She promised to do everything to be a worthy child of a famous parent, and an exemplary sister. Rasputin was given to understand that it doesn’t hold a grudge against Lydia. The girl did not want to see Vladimir Ermakov, and happy mother’s forgiveness. Mary finds that out the unpleasant words the daughter told the unconscious.

“When a person has brain atrophy under the influence of drugs, it is easy to manage… I tell my youngest daughter, “don’t look that Lida brought your mother so much grief, and pity her as a person, look at it from outside”. Especially now that she actually became ill, she was broken hormonal background, she began to recover,” — said Masha Rasputina reporters.