Ex-husband of Madonna decided to go on the world

Экc-супруг Мадонны решил пойти на мировую
Guy Ritchie showed up at the singer with a bottle of wine.

Экc-супруг Мадонны решил пойти на мировую

Guy Ritchie


Photo: Splash News/East news

Since then, as Madonna
arrived in London, it took very little time. However very much time
to change. First, the singer was able to re-establish contact with his son is a fugitive. And
now and her husband guy Ritchie have apparently decided to make peace with Madonna. Anyway,
the paparazzi managed to watch for him coming to the house in London the singer with a bottle
wine in his hand. A couple hours later sitting in an ambush reporters filmed him leaving the mansion, but
this time without the bottle.

Looking at the pictures
published in several British Internet portals, users
the network has already managed to laugh over, Richie. Not only that, the guy made a habit of
to wear world!, the homeless and donated them
Madonna bottle was already uncorked,
as can be clearly seen in the photo!

Be that as it may, the process
the reconciliation of the guy and his ex-wife yet begun. But until recently
former spouses communicate exclusively through lawyers. Apparently, they
still heeded the appeals judges who heard the case about custody of their total
son Rocco. The highly recommended guy and Madonna finally start to
grown up people, and not to spoil his son the remaining years of childhood.

Progress in the relations of the singer
with my son, too obvious. After all, before the arrival of the Madonna in London they were not talking
several months since then, as a 15-year-old Rocco ran away from the mother to the father in
Britain. But last week the singer and her son were seen together for several
time. In particular, they had to go to the theatre, dine out and visit
along the Center of Kabbalah, religion, practiced by Madonna. Incidentally
consultants-Kabbalists and helped, claimed to be the singer to change her behavior
in relation to the son and ex-husband. That immediately produced results. The only thing that bothers singer — what
The guy is clearly Potapushin boy. For example, the other day the paparazzi photographed him
drink alcohol with friends under the bridge. However, if the Madonna
will back to get Rocco under control, she quickly returns it to normal

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