Ex-husband of Liza Minnelli found dead

Бывший муж Лайзы Миннелли обнаружен мертвым Producer found in one of the rooms of a London hotel. The circumstances surrounding the death of David gest while trying to find out. Police found no signs of violence.


    Бывший муж Лайзы Миннелли обнаружен мертвым

    Today, in-room London hotel has been found dead well-known American music producer David Gest. As reported by the Western press, the police don’t make any conclusions – in the room there were no traces of violence or any suspicious circumstances.

    The reasons why 62-year-old worker of show business died, will be clarified only after opening. At the moment no more details about the unexpected death of gösta not reported.

    Recall that David Gest was the former husband of a famous American actress and singer Liza Minnelli. Their marriage lasted a little over a year. In March 2002, the couple celebrated a gorgeous wedding. To a celebration were invited well-known figures of show business. However, their Union didn’t last. Soon Lisa and David decided to leave. By the way, for the actress it was the fourth marriage.

    One of the reasons why the couple parted, became the tactless behavior of the producer. On the TV show he said that he is very concerned about the extra weight of the second half and even stated that she recently made a remarkable recovery. The audience were amazed at what David says about his wife. It is known that from-for problems with metabolism Minnelli constantly had to diet strictly and control your weight and what she eats. That is why the slightest hint of the extra pounds very acutely perceived diva, and such criticism would not tolerate it even from their closest loved ones. In addition, earlier Lisa said that David helped him fight against obesity. She was treated in a special clinic, and the love gest helped her to overcome the disease and to overcome the psychological discomfort. That’s why Lisa blew insults from her husband and declared that the man who so speaks of it, has no place in her life.

    After the divorce-known figure in show business has filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife. David accused her that Liza regularly engaged in physical abuse. He said that because of addiction to alcohol she often raised a hand on him. For their mental and physical suffering, David demanded from screen stars $ 10 million. But despite all the arguments gest, the court dismissed the claim of the producer.

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