Ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian was again in rehab

Бывший муж Хлои Кардашьян опять оказался в реабилитационном центре

Recently completed a divorce of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. The pair put the final signatures on the papers that recorded that now Chloe and Lamar – two independent units that do not have to each other claims.

Apparently, the official separation from Kardashian Odom was given a hard time – right after signing Lamar went to rehab.

According to approximate to the athlete of the sources, the decision to go to rehab he took himself. Argued their actions by Lamar that wants to finally fix their health, restore their physical and psychological condition to begin life with a clean slate. Well, such actions deserve respect, not least because the man admits his mistakes and ready to correct them.

Recall that Lamar Odom for a long time had experience with illicit substances. In October 2015 he almost said goodbye to life, when he took an overdose of some pills. Then the athlete barely pumped. All this time Chloe was with him and supported him as best they could. However, this case did not stop her desire to divorce.