Ex-husband of Julia Nachalova the second time became a father

Бывший муж Юлии Началовой во второй раз стал отцом The player Yevgeny Aldonin son was born. The young wife of an athlete gave him a lovely baby. The daughter of Yulia Nachalova and Yevgeny Aldonin Faith looked forward to the birth of his younger brother. A happy event in the family happened back in October, but he told it to the player only now.

      Бывший муж Юлии Началовой во второй раз стал отцом

      About the new addition to his new family, the famous footballer and former husband of singer Julia Nachalova Yevgeny Aldonin has informed in the microblog. The athlete posted a touching photo taken, apparently, right after extracts from maternity home. In the frame of a young dad was captured along with his beautiful wife Olga. In the hands of Aldonin is holding a white lace envelope with a newborn son. “Happy birthday, darling! You are my happiness and my life. Thank you for your son!”, – said the happy father.

      It is worth noting that joyful event in the family of Yevgeny Aldonin and his wife Olga occurred in October, but to share their happiness with fans of the footballer have decided just now. Subscribers Aldonin immediately began to congratulate him on his completion of the family.

      Бывший муж Юлии Началовой во второй раз стал отцом“This is great news! Congratulations from the heart! Great health and happiness”, “Eugene! Olga! Such a joy! May God grant you health and happiness!”, “Jack, very happy for you! Babes is such a joy! Let it never ends!”, “Eugene, congratulations to your family with the completion. Want a quiet, peaceful life! And to raise and educate the kid an Olympic champion”, – such comments under the Yevgeny Aldonin leave his fans.

      Recall that the ex-husband of Julia Nachalova and the father of her daughter is preparing once again to become a dad, it became known in early October. Julia Nachalova told about the new addition to the family

      The upcoming replenishment in the family of a football player Nachalova said in an interview, stressing that with the excitement of looking forward to this event because of her daughter Faith will become a big sister. Girl, by the way, with great joy waiting for a younger brother to the light. After the divorce of his parents Faith was left to live with mom, but very close contact with the Pope. Julia Nachalova and Yevgeny Aldonin has managed to maintain good relations. The singer admitted that he can be friends with her ex-husband, even if they were not bound by the child.

      Julia Nachalova was married to Yevgeny Aldonin, when she was twenty-five years. The footballer became the second husband of the singer. However, their marriage lasted only five years. in December 2011 the couple broke up, formalizing the divorce.

      Julia then began an affair with a hockey player Alexander Frolov. Alas, a relationship which the singer was a fiasco – not so long ago, she announced a break with the sportsman. Yulia Nachalova severed relations with the civil husband