Экс-супруг Юлии Михальчик отказывается платить алименты Two years ago Julia and I broke up with the spouse, businessman Vladimir Goewin. From him the artist is a left 5-year-old son Alexander.
Экс-супруг Юлии Михальчик отказывается платить алименты

The singer is raising the boy, occasionally calling on the help of grandparents who are happy to babysit the child when the mother is on tour. The former does not help the family, including financial.

“Of course, I believe that this is unacceptable, wrong, – said Julia with “StarHit”. But I’m not alone in this position are many women of our country. What can you do. While I’m able to provide for the boy in my life right now is the only son and work. Sasha I have sports, swimming, playing football. Tries to sing, but I do not develop, do not want, that he became an artist, because it’s insanely hard. I have problems with sleep, with food. At some point I even brought herself to anorexia in endless attempts to lose weight. Now everything is much better, but I still don’t feel hungry, just eating because it is necessary. Don’t want for my son to have this life – because you need to constantly write new songs, to stay in trend, and you never know – people will like it or not, worried.”

This year, the singer plans to give the child to kindergarten, he was home schooled – learning to read, write, draw…

“The fact that he was for some time constantly sick, colds and temperatures almost every week – continues michalczyk. – So I tried to protect him from communicating with other kids. Now Alex has matured, I’ll go to socialize”.

Despite the fact that the personal life of the artist is also almost no time left, michalczyk admitted that he is not desperate to meet a decent man to create family. Partly this is dedicated to her new song “simple Girl”, which was written by the poet Mikhail Gutseriev. Incidentally, this is their first collaboration. “There are the words: “I found love” – smiles Julia. – I hope that thoughts are material, and they will become a reality. The song is very easy but tells a simple, human and poetic language about the main thing”.