Ex-husband of Irina Saltykova saved her from a fatal error

Бывший муж Ирины Салтыковой уберег ее от роковой ошибки First husband, the celebrity spoke about the difficult period in relations with the artist. According to Viktor Saltykov, Irina has long concealed from him an interesting position. Moreover, the woman wanted to terminate the pregnancy.

      58-year-old Victor Saltykov – father daughter popular singer. Now Alice lives abroad and conquering the Western music scene, recording songs and shooting videos. Recently, the girl’s dad and ex-husband of Irina Saltykova became the guest of the program of the First channel “About love”, in which he spoke about the relationship with the artist.

      According to Victor, his novel was very stormy. Relationship developed extremely fast after some time the man began to live in the apartment Irina. Then the chosen one artist became pregnant by him. First, she has long concealed from its second half this fact, however, the musician felt that something is wrong.

      Saltykov also frankly told that his friend almost had an abortion, but the celebrities still managed to persuade her not to give up the child. “There was a time when she came to buy vodka, but I stopped her…” – began to tell Victor. Host of “About love” I asked him, whether we are talking about abortion. Saltykov confirmed that that’s about it. Then the artist asked why she is thinking about a similar procedure. The musician explained that she was scared. “I was rather silent and very dark, for it is probably wrong,” said Victor.

      After Saltykov convince favorite not to have an abortion, he decided that they should legalize their relationship. The artist wanted to show the beloved that serious.

      “I stopped her, we went and signed,” – said the ex-husband of Irina Saltykova.

      The marriage of Irina and Viktor lasted eight years. In 1995 the couple divorced. The second wife of the musician became a fan of Irina Metlina that gave the artist two children – daughter Anna and son Svyatoslav.

      Recall that the daughter of Irina and Viktor was born in December 1987. Alice lives abroad. The girl is fluent in English, at various times, she studied in France and Italy. Every two months the young singer visiting her mother. The celebrity heiress is on its feet – it actively works with foreign producers to become a famous singer. After parting parents Alice for a long time did not communicate with the parent. However, this year it became known that the daughter of the actress not only established the relationship with the father, but also became friends with his children from his second marriage. Daughter Irina forgave his father