Ex-husband of Diane Kruger was going to get married again

Экс-супруг Дианы Крюгер собрался жениться снова
Lover Joshua Jackson finally divorced.

Diane Kruger with husband Joshua Jackson


Until recently
many people look at 39-year-old Joshua Jackson
with obvious disapproval. After all, he openly appeared in public with a married lady –
28-year-old Safia West. Moreover, the lovers didn’t even try to hide their
feelings to each other. However, this issue is now fixed: Chafia received
official divorce. And now Jackson, who is said very seriously and builds the West in relation to beauty far-reaching plans, can marry a Shafi’i.

The court declared her marriage
Ryan West, which lasted about 5 years, cancelled. The process has been
to be completed in record time for several reasons. First, the couple
had children, and secondly, and the property subject to division, they had not
too much. The issue of payment of spousal alimony neither side has also not raised. As for Joshua, his first paparazzi “spotted”
with Safia, model and budding designer, in August of this year – then they
came together, holding hands at the farmers market in Studio city, California.

An affair with Sofia became the first
for Jackson after the collapse of his 10-year civil marriage with actress Diana
Kruger. That Diane and Joshua decided to leave, it became known in July
2016. As claimed gossip, their relationship collapsed because of Diana. She began
Roman on the film “Heaven” — with actor Norman Reedus, star
the TV series “the Walking dead”. And although Krueger has steadfastly denied the fact of his
infidelity, Joshua, as argued by friends of the couple, didn’t believe her explanation.
For several months he tried to accept what has happened, but in the end,
came to the conclusion that to forgive Diana her act he will not be able and they are better
to end the relationship. Interestingly, the mistrust of Jackson to his wife was
justified: as soon as she broke up with Joshua, Diana began to openly
to appear everywhere with Reedus