Ex-husband of Britney Spears requires it, three times more child support

Бывший муж Бритни Спирс требует от нее в три раза больше алиментов

Former husband of Britney Spears Kevin Federline believes that the money that he pays the ex-wife, is not enough to support two children — 12-year-old Shauna and 11-year-old Jayden. The court’s decision the children live with the father and the mother only visits them a couple of times a week and sometimes leaves to spend the night at home. This time it requires even more money!

Бывший муж Бритни Спирс требует от нее в три раза больше алиментов

Lawyer Federline claims that the father of the children must receive a minimum of three times the amount that he pays Britney now. He’s serious and going to do everything that his client got what he wanted. “We gave them (lawyers Britney Spears. — Approx. ed.), enough time that they decided to increase the amount of child support, but they came back with a completely irrational response. They don’t want to give financial information to Britney, including tax returns, as required by the Family code of California. And this is not some California code celebrity, and she’ll have to obey him. But we remain open to resolve this issue without judicial intervention,” — said the lawyer Federlajna mark Vincent Kaplan.

Previously Federline monthly amount requested to double. However, Britney to cave in to demands is not going and decided to find out what her ex-boyfriend spends the money paid. Father Spears — Jamie — was to support his daughter and the accused dancer in the greed and does not intend to be led by the former son-in-law.

Britney Spears with current boyfriend Sam Asgari

The conflict gained momentum. Earlier it became known that Jamie in writing addressed to the ex-husband of the daughter to sit down at the negotiating table and decide what will go money. The official answer from representatives Federline on the statement of the father has not been received, and the lawyer is assured, that to double the amount you need is not just. You see, the current child support is not enough to satisfy the whim of Sean and Gadana, to which they are accustomed, being with his mother.

Recall that in 2007 after a nervous breakdown Britney Spears, the court upheld the right of child custody for Kevin Federline, ex-spouses however failed to agree on an equal distribution of time for chatting with the boys. The very same singer for the same reasons cannot manage their own finances, so these questions were led by her father.

This month, singer Britney Spears celebrated the first anniversary of a happy relationship with Sam Asgari. A source close to the singer said that, despite a year of relationship, Spears wants to have with the Asgari family. “Britney had already talked to Sam about having a child in common. When she first became a mother, I was too young. Now she feels more Mature,” the source told in an interview with US Weekly.

“Sam is riding with them on a skateboard, playing sports, they have a lot of swimming together in their pool. Shooting water guns — normal and regular thing in the yard, Spears.
She loves her sons, but wish she was my daughter,” says an insider about the relationship of the Spears with their children.