Бывший муж Бритни Спирс затребовал у певицы повышенные алименты Kevin Federline, who on March 21 was 40 years old, plans to start a new year of life court with ex-wife. As a gift he wanted to get Britney a substantial increase in child support, ideally to increase the amount by half.
Бывший муж Бритни Спирс затребовал у певицы повышенные алименты

But faced fierce resistance from his father 36-year-old singer and Manager of her finances. According to Jamie Spears, Kevin realized that the rich and famous have become. This led him to the idea to extort money from Britney as much money as possible, before she marries another horseless handsome Sam Asgari and begin to bear children to him.

Show me the receipts!

The first letter to the former father-in-law Kevin wrote in February. He learned that four years of exclusive performances in Las Vegas Britney harvested nearly $138 million, and was upset that nobody offered him a piece of that pie. The work of Kevin, first, are irregular, and secondly, do not correspond to his requests. After the divorce with the singer in 2006, a former dancer, received $1.3 million compensation, released the album Playing With Fire, hoping to build a music career on the wave of interest in family Affairs. After critics told him that success is not sexually transmitted, Federline became depressed and gained enough weight to participate in two reality shows about losing weight. Now he work as a DJ and asks $1 million for the performance, but the customers not so much as he’d like. The lack of stable income did not prevent Kevin to marry volleyball player Victoria Prince and get two more children in addition to her daughter and son from relationships with actress Shar Jackson and a couple of sons from his marriage to Britney. It is not difficult to imagine what help such a large number of offspring are child support for the boys – 12-year-old Shauna and 11-year-old Jayden.

Бывший муж Бритни Спирс затребовал у певицы повышенные алименты

In 2008, when the court declared Britney unable to perform parental duties, Kevin got full custody of the children. In exchange for the right to visit the singer promised to keep Sean and Jayden “in accordance with its standard of life.” In a letter to Federline claimed that can no longer provide the heirs with a level at a measly $20 thousand per month. Daddy Spears set up a meeting during which he asked the former son-in-law to enumerate the things sons do not have enough money, and explain how the amount of the earnings of Britney over the past four years suddenly increased their needs. When a clear answer has not followed, Jamie was asked to make for Kevin the budget to help better distribute the finances. Insulted Federline threatened court. Now the parties are waging a fierce conversation. Kevin demanded full information on the earnings of Britney and Papa Spears is to account for expenses. He would like to see receipts for everything that Federline had bought and paid for within 10 years.

“Jamie won’t allow Kevin to keep it a family entirely on the money of the daughter, – said close to the singer sources. – Britney and so gave him what he desired, on behalf of the sons. It’s time to figure out where the money went actually”.

The price is negotiable

In show business not so little ladies, with experience in cash unsuccessful or inconvenient men. Champion of Hollywood in this kind of program can be considered Jennifer Lopez. The first husband of the singer of Ohani Noah wrote a scandalous memoir about 11 months of living together and offered ex-wife to pay $5 million to his work never appeared on the shelves. Jennifer managed to turn the situation in their favor when the court, forbidding the publication of the book, told of Ahani to tell her all documentary material and to pay $545 thousand for moral damages. To literary talent is not accidentally opened and her second husband, choreographer Chris Judd, Jen in the divorce promised him $55 thousand for each day spent in an eight-month marriage.

Бывший муж Бритни Спирс затребовал у певицы повышенные алименты

“She didn’t want to give Chris all the money at once and distributed payments for a few years, so he had an incentive to keep quiet as long as possible,” he told his friends. The next dancer, Casper Smart, were obtained from singer’s $10 thousand per week throughout the entire novel. However, Jennifer miraculously managed not to marry Casper married, so I stopped to shower him with money, as soon as the guy ceased to benefit the farm.

Бывший муж Бритни Спирс затребовал у певицы повышенные алименты

High returns Halle berry played a decisive role in the litigation of the actress with the father of her daughter with model Gabriel Aubrey. Former beloved, who share custody of the girl four years trying to figure out who among them who should. In the end, the judge armed with a calculator and calculated that Gabriel earns only $193 thousand a year versus $5 million of Holly, so she has to pay him alimony in the amount of $16 thousand on a monthly basis. Jane Seymour gives $10 thousand per month third husband, David Flynn, whom she divorced in 1992. The father of two of the four children of an actress engaged in the construction and real estate, and so “successfully” that have failed myself and ruined Jane, had the imprudence to become his business partner. Immediately after the divorce, David claimed the sum twice, but the court cut his appetites. However, Jane, like many of her friends in misfortune, probably still wondering why should contain a man, from acts which affected on all fronts.