Экс-супруг Анастасии Макеевой пришел в ярость от ее слов в адрес мамы Acting couple Makeeva-Adele collapsed two years ago. Now both my personal life. But the former couple still speak to each other and remember life together with the dislike. Hleb, who has long kept silence, decided to tell what was the true cause of the breakup with Anastasia.
Экс-супруг Анастасии Макеевой пришел в ярость от ее слов в адрес мамы

Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk were married 6 years and during that time created an impression of exemplary couples. But in 2016, the couple announced the divorce. To part ways peacefully and remain friends, the actors failed. About the reasons of divorce still said only Anastasia. The actress has admitted that they have become very different, talked about how hard it was to survive the neglect eternally busy husband and hostile attitude of mother-in-law.

Gleb was silent for almost two years. And now decided to publicly describe his version of events. To be Frank with the press Adele went for only one reason – Makeeva hurt his sons feelings.

“Every month “good” people send me the following interview ex-wife, in which she announces a new version of why we broke up… These stories I was cool with it as long as they did not touch the people close to me. After the first post, I asked Anastasia about only one – do not touch my mother! She’s a Mature man, endured many operations, she was in poor health. While the mother is constantly faced with unfounded accusations against him, to read about fictional nonsense. My mom is a good person. Nastya she liked, always considered talented and a lot of what helped”, – said Gleb Matveichuk.
Экс-супруг Анастасии Макеевой пришел в ярость от ее слов в адрес мамы

Adele truly wants ex-wife to find true love, but to deal with her wants. “Yes, and how to talk with a person who is on television all over the country calls your mother a witch?” – asks a rhetorical question Gleb.

In addition, the actor, singer and composer, told, what really was his marriage to makeevoy. According to Matveychuk, the family gradually has been brewing for a competition, she is always choosing between home and career – the second, and in unexpected conflict situations her husband is not supported. For example, when Adele was in confrontation with the administration of the theater of the Moscow Soviet, and even pleaded with him, Makeyev took a conditionally neutral position Hleb is perceived as a betrayal.

“…Anastasia, who all this time stood aloof from the conflict, decided not to leave the theater. Maybe I would like that the wife went with me, supported, but never put it in front of such a dilemma. Did not want for her to see me in this then rebuked. Never belonged to the creative selection principle, selfish attitudes. Not even focused on this episode, but of course, to draw conclusions. My wife was in a wonderful relationship with those who tried to ruin my life,” – said Gleb Matveichuk.

Speaking about the true causes of divorce, Adele, supported one of the versions ex-wife. He also believes that they are Nasty too different now, all grown up. Their life turned into one big scandal, they could be fighting over every little thing, and even going to therapy has not yielded any positive results.

Экс-супруг Анастасии Макеевой пришел в ярость от ее слов в адрес мамы“In the last year at home we always was a Packed suitcase with which I left once in two weeks. It was obvious that we split up. Just for me it was a first marriage, I had no experience and initially thought that a relationship must fight. And we fought until both became apparent that only make each other hurt,” – said Gleb Matveichuk.

Almost a year after her divorce from Makeeva, Gleb met a new love. Now his fiancee, actress Elena Glazkova is expecting a child. Adele admitted that incredibly happy that very soon will be the first time father, “With the wedding so far decided to wait. Play it after the birth of her daughter. Now we have other worries. Really looking forward to her birth, in another breathe and feel life!” – said the actor 7days.