Бывший муж Аллы Пугачевой рассказал о ее возмутительном хамстве Alexander Stefanovich reminded of the difficult nature of the prima Donna. The filmmaker lived in marriage with Alla Borisovna four years. Despite the fact that they never fought, the singer was very sharp in some situations.
Бывший муж Аллы Пугачевой рассказал о ее возмутительном хамстве

Director Alexander Stefanovich recalled how many years ago lived and worked with Alla Pugacheva. Film Director and actress were married in 1977 and were together until 1981. Then Alla has gradually gained popularity on the national scene. It was said that Stefanovich has created a style star. At the beginning of the meeting with Alexander Alla asked to “put” her life.

From an early age Pugacheva have accustomed myself to work. However, as my colleagues have mentioned the stars, many were very difficult to work with Diva. Shortly before the breakup with the actress Stefanovich wrote the screenplay for “Soul.” The main role in the film was intended to Alla Borisovne. Despite the problems in the relationship, they even started to work on the tape. But Pugachev was too harsh with other colleagues on the project.

“There was a dramatic story with this picture. Alla character difficult. We lived together for four years, but never had a fight. At the beginning of filming she suffered. The first day of shooting she missed very much. She was reprimanded. She refused to wear clothes, which she had prepared. She said she bought a coat and will to do it. All I said on the phone the second Director, intelligent middle-aged woman. I was in charge of filming other episodes. I said, “Explain to her that there was a script approved by the costumes and so forth.” The second Director said all that, Alla Borisovna, to which she replied the old woman: “You don’t like my coat? I don’t like yours.”

Yanked her leather coat and ripped it on this innocent man. I stopped shooting, went to Sizov, in the hope that he brainwashed her. What he said to me: “Who you pulled the tongue to invite her to us?” She was rude to everyone from the crew,” – said Stefanovic.

That’s why instead of Alla for the role took Sofia Rotaru. The star was less demand, and her name was already known throughout the Soviet Union. The singer slightly changed her image: she had a square and the face make up bright makeup,

“She brought suitcases of stuff that our artists were selected from magazines. So we dressed her, and it made an incredible impression,” said Stefanovic in the “Oh mom!” on channel “MIR”.