Ex-husband Mel b was blackmailing her and tried to kill

Бывший муж Мел Би шантажировал её и пытался убить

Member of one of the world’s most famous girl-band Spice Girls Melanie brown began to tell the truth about your marriage. Mel b (better known nickname of the artist) admitted that life with her husband Stephen Belafonte was a real hell because of frequent violence, abuse, coercion to unconventional sexual relations, etc. Melanie filed a lawsuit on Belafonte. At the moment is checking all the facts, who described brown, and Steven, meanwhile, is forbidden to approach wife.

Now it turns out that Belafonte was a real tyrant in his family life and even an attempt on the life of his famous wife.

The details of the situation told journalists close to the family informant. Once Belafonte beat her, tried to strangle and hit her head on a wooden floor. Melanie swallowed a whole packet of aspirin, and then when he realized what he had done, tried to call the police. Stephen, of course, did not let her to do it . Moreover, he locked her in the bathroom and shouted, “Die, s**a”.

This episode is one of the most colorful in the family life of the couple. But it is not less interesting were the cases with models from Playboy, which Stephen wanted to hang out with the participation of the wife: Belafonte force led Melanie to the Playboy mansion and forced to choose two “bunnies”, which later staged an Orgy. “Before sex he was fed the Mel that she didn’t realize,” — said the insider, wondering why in this situation, Stephen needed a wife who was absolutely not adequate.

By the way, Belafonte showed great imagination in order to avoid any consequences: he filmed group sex on video, and then threatened his wife, it will publish the recording if she refused to continue to do this.
The real nightmare. Now don’t even question why Melanie was trying to be patient.