Ex-husband made Anna Starshenbaum to say about divorce

Бывший муж заставил Анну Старшенбаум заявить о разводе The actress told reporters why he decided to personally inform fans about the breakup with her husband. Anna published a post on the Network, as did Aleksey Bardukov. The couple didn’t want their fans condemned.

Last summer, Anna starshenbaum divorced with her husband Alexey Burdukova. The actor’s family has fallen apart after a few years of happy marriage, the couple has a son Ivan. The boy was left to live with the actress, but the father is often seen with a child. Son of Anna Starshenbaum: “Adult movies I can’t watch.”

Starshenbaum first reported on the break and Burdukova. She has published a recording in the Network, where said details.

“I wrote this post because Alex asked for it. She probably would have just said nothing. But Alex said that if everyone will think that we are together, and then after some time we will have relationships with other people, it will look ugly. My statement, we have placed all points over “i”, let everyone know that we are no longer married,” said Anna.

According to the artist, his son Vanya after his parents ‘ divorce, nothing has changed. The bardukov communicates with the boy. The actress admitted that doesn’t feel as a single mother. Starshenbaum busy with numerous film projects, but this does not prevent her to be a good mother.

“Now he’s six, and I can’t fully answer all his queries. But he gets it all in kindergarten at a private school, and I moved closer to this establishment, in Sokolniki, to his son to give back,” said the actress.

According to Anna, the mother should be able to release the children and to give heirs enough free time.

The actress initially hesitated kinship with the star of the film “Gravity” Irina Starshenbaum. However, after talking with the girl, changed the attitude.

“Ira has fascinated me. Very warm feelings for her arose. Moreover, our acquaintance made me reconsider my own attitude to the profession. Because I don’t really understand what I want from myself in the movie. Due to the fact that we have one name, I would myself look the part, there was kind of a reboot”, – said Anna in an interview with “7 days”.