Бывший муж Кирсти Элли умоляет спасти его внука от сайентологов

Last week Hollywood actress kirstie alley told everyone the good news: she became a grandmother, however, the former husband of celebrity Parker Stevenson in horror because what could be expected from his tiny granddaughter in the Church of Scientology, where the star’s grandmother will try to take him.

“Parker even had a family Council, to discuss the plan of salvation this child” — said the insider, who is close to Stevenson. Husband, with whom Christie divorced in 1997 so scared of the possible fate of the baby Waylon Tripp Parker, even hooked up to the discussions an ardent opponent secrets, and in the past – her prioritize Leah remini, the author of the books, revealing not the best side of the Church of Scientology.
“Leah told Parker that he will have to wait and do nothing right now, because otherwise, the Scientologists will get an even greater influence on his children and, consequently, to his grandson,” — said the insider.
The son of Parker and Kirsty, and their daughter Lilly) and in fact she regularly goes to the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles, like his mother, and Stevenson now more than ever wishes to protect their offspring from the sect before it’s too late.

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