Ex-husband Jolie sided brad pitt

Бывший муж Джоли встал на сторону Брэда Питта

Billy Bob Thornton believes that brad is the “cool guy” and hopes to star him in a movie.

Angelina Jolie had been so long with pitt, what about her personal life before meeting the actor all have already forgotten. And she was right! And very rough… Fans will remember that Angie was married twice. Here is the second husband of a beauty, Billy Bob Thornton, and spoke out the other day… the Actor gave a controversial interview in which he said that “completely on the side of brad”.

“I’ve always felt below her, and if one in a marriage there are such thoughts, this is not good affects the life of both. Angie and I are still good friends, said Thornton in an interview with Playboy. — And always will be. Can’t say that we constantly deal with it, I may not see her for five years. But always offer to meet. I know she’s been through a lot. She is a wonderful person. And she’s one of those people that never abandoned me in difficult situations.”

If he did not believe brad is bad or to blame. On the contrary, sincerely hopes to star him in a movie.

“Of course, it will surprise many people, but I would really like to play in a picture with brad pitt. I think we would be great everything turned out. We could play a sort of tough guys from the South”, he continued.

Angie interview did not comment. Yes, and not before her now. The actress was swallowed up by litigation. Because it is, as before, hopes to get sole custody of the children.

Recall, for divorce, Jolie filed in September. The reason the actress stated irreconcilable differences and maintaining family health. Soon, Jolie made another scandalous statement. Supposedly pitt children are beaten. This information was not confirmed.