Бывший муж Даны Борисовой: «Дочь будет жить с ней» Dana Borisova was able to negotiate with the ex-spouse about where to live their legacy. Now the TV presenter is preparing to move into a new apartment, and then finally reunited with 10-year-old Polina.
Бывший муж Даны Борисовой: «Дочь будет жить с ней»

A couple of months ago it seemed that the 42-year-old Dana Borisova’ll never be able to see my daughter Polina. After it became known about drug addiction presenter, her ex-husband Maxim Aksenov took the baby. He refused to return the successor of the star even after her return from the clinic of Thailand, because he believed that the ex-spouse still cannot be trusted.

The girl’s parents had a long argument in court about the guardianship, and in the end, the decision was rendered in favor of Aksyonov. Dana also ordered to pay child support. Now, however, the man changed his mind. The other day he said that very soon Polina will once again live with my mom.

“We have agreed with Dana that Pauline will live with it”, — said Maxim Aksyonov.
Бывший муж Даны Борисовой: «Дочь будет жить с ней»

Recently the TV presenter was vacationing with her daughter in Venice, and gladly shared his impressions about the sights and local cuisine. However, the vacation was almost derailed due to an old debt Borisova alimony in the size of 80 thousand rubles. In the end, the presenter had to urgently solve the problem.

Previously, Dana was told that he had sold his old apartment, which she had not associated the best memories of dependency. The money she was planning to buy a property in the same house where he lives Aksenov.

“Sold the apartment for 19 million 800 thousand rubles. Take two-room apartment in the nearby daughter home. Plus I will look after the car. Mom, while I was in rehab in Thailand, I sold my car. I’m tired of subway. Soon I’ll be driving again,” said Borisov.

Apparently, The former spouse is ready to give her daughter only under the condition that the girl will stay close and under supervision. Anyway, in the life of a star has obviously come a white stripe. She continually participates in a variety of shows, helping other celebrities cope with addiction, and in her spare time travels with her daughter.

Polina herself had previously said on Instagram that he misses his mother and wants their relationship resumed. Many fans believe that the desire to be close to the heiress helped Borisova finally deal with the addiction.

In conversation with “KP” Maxim Aksenov did not disclose the details of reconciliation with his ex-wife. But his decision suggests that Dana finally got rid of problems with illegal substances and opened a new page of his biography.