Ex-husband Dana Borisova rebuked her for wanting to capitalize on the scandal with the daughter

Бывший муж Даны Борисовой упрекнул ее в желании заработать на скандале с дочерью Maxim Aksenov has shared his view on the conflict with the well-known TV presenter. According to the businessman, Dana Borisova allegedly deliberately fanning such a situation. The man is sure that the star does not want to communicate with the child.
Бывший муж Даны Борисовой упрекнул ее в желании заработать на скандале с дочерью

Dana Borisova recently came out of rehab for drug addiction. The presenter made the accusations against the former civil spouse and the father of her child, Maxim Aksenov. According to the star, the man forbids her to communicate with her daughter Pauline and sets the girl against her mother. Moreover, according to This Maxim requires from it the alimony on the maintenance of heir.

The fans supported her and condemned the actions Aksenov. In their opinion, the businessman acting improperly in relation to the ex-lover. However, Aksyonov has his own view on the situation. The man criticized the behavior Borisova. He claims that Dana supposedly not interested in the life of Pauline than upsetting the daughter.

“Dana, the baby doesn’t need, there’s only material interest and indifference. Comes to scandal, so she talked to Pauline for a while, we have to insist on her meeting with the child. For 2 weeks, arrived in Moscow, only after my push and the scandal involving her lawyer, Dana met up with my daughter,” said the man.

According to Aksenov, the child worried that the mother does not want to communicate with her. TV presenter, says the entrepreneur, each time supposedly finds an excuse not to see his daughter. According to ex-lover Borisova, she deliberately refers to being very busy shooting other things.

Moreover, I am sure Aksenov, blonde specially use scandals to attract attention. The ex-spouse Borisova believes that she thus earns his living. The businessman denies all the negative statements in his address.

“Dana has 10 years tells tales about me how I’m a tyrant and a bad father when it comes to real situations, all looking at her with irony, you know in fact what it is is a liar,” commented the man.

During the meeting with journalists Maxim Aksenov has made it clear that he intends to put an end to disputes with the presenter. According to the businessman, they have a negative impact on Pauline, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Recall now that Dana Borisova is slowly returning to daily activities after a stay in Thailand. Star lives in a rented apartment, with rent of which she helped Andrey Malakhov. According to This, she doesn’t have enough money to pay child support as required by Aksenov. “I have no penny. I came from the rehab center and absolutely zero out” – said a celebrity.