Ex-husband Daineko the first and last time he spoke about his life with the singer

Бывший муж Дайнеко в первый и последний раз рассказал о жизни с певицей
Dmitry Kleiman gave a “scathing” interview.

The singer with her husband Dmitry Kleiman

Photo: Andrey Zhuravlev

Dmitry Kleiman and Cheryl Cole got married three years ago, but their family happiness did not last long. Now the musician says “I had to run away from it”.

“The relationship with Victoria was difficult, — said Dmitry “Collection Caravan of Stories”. She knew she was marrying a guy who is just beginning his career. But after the wedding began the accusations — it was all about money. She always was not enough of them, their appetites Dayneko down didn’t. Went continuous insults and accusations. And it’s not stimulating. But if you feel support, if you’re talking warm words can move mountains. It is important to know that your beloved believes in you! And when I hear it every day: “Go though a caretaker or a courier run” — motivation is lost, hands down. It is difficult for any person, and creative — murder! Ruined me as a man, as a person! Trampled on my love.”

Kleiman believed that all the odd behaviour of his wife — only “raging” hormones during pregnancy, but after the birth of her daughter, nothing has changed. At least for the better. Dmitry took on all “night” care — rocked, soothed the baby, bathed her in the evening, played with her, and also cooked and cleaned the apartment, and then went on concerts to make money.

However, there have been periods of truce between the spouses. So, when my daughter was a little older, the family with friends went to rest in Montenegro. But there was a nasty history.

“We went to a big company in a restaurant to relax, says Kleiman. — Immediately told Vick: “You eat, get some rest, I’ll keep the baby”. About an hour we walked and played, and now she was hungry, and I do too. Asked Vika to feed my daughter breast while he’s eating. In the room was a secluded area, it was possible to go there. In response to:

— No, help me, cover me.

— There’s no one. And you’ve got the apron, it is possible to throw, nothing to be seen.

After these my words Vika kicked the chair and said that Yes, it will cost itself. Tried to soften the situation, asked not to be mad and lightly slapped her on the ass, even slapped and stroked. And then my head poured hot tea. Burned the shoulders, back, I was in shock. Never hit a woman and then could not afford it. Under the stunned looks of our company quietly got up from the table, went outside, took a taxi and went back to the Villa. And then I went to the night sea, swam, cleaving the black water, and screamed and screamed… it was Probably the only time I gave vent to emotions. Along with a shout out from me leaving the pain, the shame and resentment…”

It turns out that Dayneko than once indulged in such things.

“…I said that we should divorce, and went for the passport, but she barred the way. And when quietly pushed her, suddenly with all his strength pushed me away. I stood on the tile floor, I couldn’t resist and slipped, hit the door jamb with his head. Blood literally gushing out. The wife silently did the dressing and left for the concert. I went to the hospital to sew up the wound. Had to lie to mom that I worry. But she still guessed what had happened, and said, “If I find out that it did Vick will never be with her”.

“I was silent, — says Dmitry. — Silent and endured, when my wife humiliated me, took our family to the Internet for everyone to see and mock. Probably, in this world there are people with limitless patience, but it’s not me. It ended at exactly the moment when the ex-wife has completely closed access to the child, blocking me everywhere. I can’t call her even send an email to arrange a meeting with her daughter. The first and last interviews in order to finally dot the i”.

Full version of interview read in the new issue of “Collection Karavan Istoriy”.