Ex-husband banned Sedokova to communicate with her daughter

Экс-супруг запретил Седоковой общаться с дочерью Maxim Cherniavsky insists on sole custody of six-year-old Monica. Now the daughter of Anna Sedokova lives in USA with my grandmother. The ex-husband of singer fears that a mother can kidnap the heiress.
Экс-супруг запретил Седоковой общаться с дочерью

A few months of continuing litigation between Anna Sedokova and her ex-husband for the right to educate six-year-old Monica. The man not only demands sole custody of the girl and wants mother to pay him child support. Attempts to reconcile with the ex-spouse without success, now the child is divided in a California state court, where born, lived the children of the singer and businessman.

The last court held in October last year, ruled that Sedokova can only communicate with her daughter in the presence of a social worker. Also his father put forward the main demand: Anna is forbidden to take the child because the mother can kidnap the girl.

Because the singer does not have US citizenship, the court ruled that she cannot be alone with Monica, as the artist can take the child without permission. Anna wants to achieve in order to raise a daughter “without sanctions”, but this trial is about the place of residence of Monica can last about eight months.

According to a source close to the family Chernyavskaya, Anna tries to conclude, but so far in vain. Besides, Maxim reluctantly go on contact with the singer, so even during his stay in California Sedokova, former spouses can’t settle the issue.

Some time in the social network spoke to the mother of the businessman, Marina. It is said that Anna has refused to sign the necessary documents. “I have a question to Anna, who still has not signed the settlement agreement, which was received in early June? Monica from 15 June holidays, and we wanted to improve the child of the sea. And here I am, “the old bitch” on the shore of the Mediterranean sea, rented a house, came the friends of Monica, and Monica’s mom once to sign her or hurt her such a favorite daughter?” – posted by Marina.

Previously Maxim Cherniavsky and Anna Sedokova both brought up Monica, despite the divorce. One day when she was supposed to go to my mother for shooting the video, grandma and dad wouldn’t let her. Then, according to Super.ru, she received the lawsuit, in which it was reported that she posed a threat to his daughter.

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