Экс-супруг Анфисы Чеховой представил новую девушку Russian and Georgian actor Guram bablishvili happy again. He came out with a new girl. Ex-husband Anfisa Chekhova courting sultry brunette for more than a month.
Экс-супруг Анфисы Чеховой представил новую девушку

Anfisa Chekhova and Guram bablishvili officially divorced last fall. Anfisa while engaged in their health, stroiney, drinking vitamins and a lot of time to improve the body, Guram is also not wasting his time. The man dropped the extra pounds and exercise regularly. As for his personal life, his ex-wife is still not presented to the public his new chosen one, and her lifestyle, which she demonstrates in social networks, says that she’s lonely.

And Guram presented his new girlfriend, been Dating for over a month in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”. Bablishvili admitted that he still not ready to talk about a serious relationship, but apparently, the striking brunette he loves.

“We get along great, communicate well, we are fine. I feel terrific, I’m even friends say, when I arrive in Georgia and they say – wow! I have had relationships, but not serious. Man you need to razole, another energy… ” – said Guram.

How did you learn to journalists, spectacular brunette caught ex-husband Anfisa Chekhova in a night club, name is Julia, she’s 13 years younger than his famous boyfriend and works as a marketer. Met lovers in the company of mutual friends.

Guram is in no hurry to introduce a new beloved parents and son. The man is sure that this is a very important step in a relationship, and his with Julia until the honeymoon period.

Bablishvili also commented on his divorce with Anfisa Chekhova. The reason for divorce were numerous infidelity of the actor’s wife, in which he publicly admitted. However, Guram believes that it is also the complex characters of both of them.

“We’re two of a porcupine, very carefully and they make love… When the two leaders, they should probably go separately. When dispersed (by Mail) was a period that was very hard for her, and me. Probably helped to work…” – said Guram bablishvili.

Anfisa and Guram peacefully signed an agreement on divorce, Georgian actor left the ex-spouse, all marital property – an apartment and a car. The former couple agreed to share a common child, the son of Solomon. According to the documents, they can take part in the upbringing of equal participation.

Bablishvili I am sure that Naomi will find happiness. “Of course, she’s young, slim, interesting, talented,” he says. Thus, the man adds that he Anfisa “is always like” he “is always able to seduce her”.