Экс-подруга Виктории Бони выложила в Сеть компромат на нее [Daria decided to tell you about an unpleasant incident that happened with her and a future star. According to former girlfriend Victoria, celebrity cruelly behaved, when he witnessed a terrible accident.
Экс-подруга Виктории Бони выложила в Сеть компромат на нее

The identity of Victoria Boni always causes a lot of controversy among viewers and users of social networks. Against celebrities organized the whole group in Instagram.

Ex-girlfriend stars Daria [also decided to have a Frank conversation with subscribers. Dasha confessed, that before “the House-2” red carpet in Cannes Victoria was just a girl who liked to drive on the night Moscow by car, which gave her another fan.

Ulanovskaya told that one of those trips, she and Bonia witnessed a terrible accident. Details of the accident Daria said live your Instagram. Cool Vicki, the girl, her stunned.

Экс-подруга Виктории Бони выложила в Сеть компромат на нее“Midnight or one o’clock, darkness, killing it. Spring or summer, warm, normal. Stand at the traffic lights in front of the store. Before us is whether “five” or “six” – our miserable “Lada”. A traffic light illuminates green, the taxi starts to move before us turns out to be “bombed” with a girl. They start, and someone perpendicular to this street wanted to fly, already included red. In “Mitsubishi”, conventionally so called, two guys drunk in the meat. And at high speed they cut into these poor “Lada”, the machine expands greatly, right in front of us. Serious accident. They’re Like, “Ahhh!” – fast gases and flew away! We Bonneuil bare drive, the horror! It’s all in front of us, watching. And the woman who was in a “Lada” passenger, she went through the “windshield”. I don’t know from the back or from the front. She goes through the “windshield” and bugaetsa the pavement, and her head starts to melt in a puddle of blood. I swear to you! I fly out of the vehicle to help, think of what to do, call an ambulance. Bonia and I was like, “I ran!” And the gas on his car. She didn’t even out. Just from the window looked and said, “let’s Go!” I said, “Ooh, how come? I’m without a car”. And she said, “everything, Everything!” – gave on gases and left. You know… Then there was no more Victoria Boni, it was the most normal Wick. Then the “House-2″ didn’t even exist,” said ulanovsky.

“Yeah, she just ran away. And in other words it will not name. So all her words about helping animals and children – nonsense. She did not help a person on the road, though I was a nobody,” affirmed Daria in conversation with “StarHit”.
Экс-подруга Виктории Бони выложила в Сеть компромат на нее

“StarHit” contacted a representative of Victoria Boni, who told his version of the incident.

“In life different situations happen. I reported this situation do not know and to do with this idea. Dasha expressed a desire to help, I don’t see a high-profile event,” – said the representative of Victoria.

Ulanovsky also noticed that at the dawn of his career, Vick is very loved to appear at social events in… fakes. According to Dasha, her ex-girlfriend could wear a ring with a real diamond, but to him to pick the earrings, bought for a few dollars in Thailand.

“This story was still in “childhood” when we were friends, and then we really were friends. A long time ago, a year or two, I spent a lot of time. It never happened again. In 20 years I have no decorations went, and she told me: “dashulya, well, you?! Put “Bijou”, can give! Put your ghirlandajo. What do you “naked” go?! Look, I have stones in Thailand bought! No one would say that they are 10 dollars was worth it! Well nobody knows!” A little market approach it like…” he told Daria.