Бывшая подруга выдала компромат на Анастасию Костенко
Anastasiya Lisova told about how the model broke up the marriage of Olga Buzova.

Бывшая подруга выдала компромат на Анастасию Костенко

Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov

Photo: @kostenko.94 Instagram Anastasia Kostenko

Anastasiya Lisova

Photo: @anastasiyalisova7 Instagram Anastasia Lisovoy

Pregnant Anastasia Kostenko got into an awkward position. Anastasiya Lisova, the former participant “Houses-2” with which the wife of Dmitry Tarasov were friends at the beginning of the relationship with the player, gave a Frank interview. In it the girl gave the dirt on Kostenko, telling the truth about how started her affair with married Olga Buzova athlete.

Says Lisova, she was confident that relations with Kostenko Tarasov started when the player of “Locomotive” was still married. At first, Lisova believe Anastasia when she denied his relationship with Dimitri, but then learned the truth. “She said, “No, come on, it’s all lies, I’m gonna sue journalists.” In General, until the last lied. After a while a friend calls me and invites to the transmission. Suggested to say that Kostenko – mistress Tarasov. I refused, saying: “No, never in my life, she is such a good girl.” And after a while it turns out that this is true, — said Lisova in the video blog. In General, such a sweet girl, which allegedly offends the guy actually turned out to be agile bitch who stole her husband Oli Buzovoy. And now they live in a house that they built together with Olga!”

Kostenko statements ex girlfriend ignores as her husband. It is curious that shortly before the wedding Tarasov with darling gave an interview where he played a completely different version of fun. As said the player, his meeting with Anastasia happened after he broke off relations with Buzova. But Anastasia has publicly complained that she wrongly “poured mud” because she climbed into the family of Dmitry. “Oh, once insulted… was Accused of being married in pants climbed. But as time passed, I calmed down a bit and gave Dima a promise that I will no longer visit antipanicescoe sites to read comments and respond emotionally. Strength is not to avoid places where there are meals which you are forbidden, to go there, but is not harmful. Over time our relationship got stronger. Now nothing hurts!” — said Kostenko.