Бывшая девушка Федора Смолова поведала правду о пластике лица For full lips and a delicate nose Miranda Shelia compare with Irina Shayk. Ex-girlfriend of a famous football player Fyodor Smolova boasts that her beauty is natural. The girl said that did not go under the surgeon’s knife.

      After breaking up with Victoria and lopyrevoy Fedor Smolov six months could not find a life partner. In the end, a famous football player found solace in the arms of the model, which is compared with Irina Shayk for the resemblance. At first, Miranda Shelia looked next to the sportsman completely happy. However, after a few months the couple made a crack.

      During the time of the novel with Smolov Shelia became very popular in social networks. At some point the girl began to suspect plastic surgery. Users of social networks seemed like she corrected the shape of the nose and enlarged lips. But the model denies it.

      “One time my photos almost under a microscope considered. Everyone was trying to find some flaw, fault. Even created Instagram page with my photos, which drastically altered my face, saying that my appearance is a merit of plastic surgeons. Apparently, these people are no longer discussion topics. I didn’t do anything to your face, and if I did not hide would be,” admits Miranda.

      We will remind, Roman Shelia and Smolov didn’t last long, but it was bright and beautiful. Fans of the pair took pleasure in watching the social networks for new joint photographs of loved ones. So when Miranda announced via video chat “Periscope” that Fyodor left her, the news was a real blow for fans of the model. “Fyodor threw me? Yes, he left me,” the girl said to his followers.

      Fedor Smolov married in three years

      Now Shelia prefers to forget about a bad relationship with the player. Model abstract only talks about what she can’t forgive your loved one.

      “I know how to forgive and forgive, but I did worse. I understand that it may not lead to anything good. Now from the people who disappointed me, I just go and cut off all ties. Try to learn from their mistakes, ” says the model in an interview with “Peopletalk”. – A man primarily needs to be a man. Kind, sympathetic, capable of doing. It should not be cunning. He should not lie! This I never forgive. I’ll never be able to forgive infidelity. For me it is a betrayal that I cannot accept.”

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