Бывшая девушка Джигана рассказала о его изменах Oksana Samoilov openly talked about the rules set by dzhigan in their family. So, the rapper’s wife forbids to communicate with friends. Ex-lover of the artist stated that he was done with her, she talked about his infidelity.
Бывшая девушка Джигана рассказала о его изменах

Rapper djigan and his wife give the impression of a model family: the couple are raising three daughters, leads a healthy lifestyle and travels a lot. However, according to Oksana Samoilova, in their family too there are difficulties.

So, for example, the husband forbids her to have fun without him and to chat with friends. Businesswoman did not hesitate to admit that living by the rules set by the husband. Explicit recognition instantly caused a stir among followers of the young mother.

Samoilov admitted that he did not immediately obey the terms of her husband. First heard about them ten years ago, she protested, contradicted his rules and without permission went out alone. But having survived several scandals, wife Dzhigan made my choice and accepted the terms of the spouse.

According to Oksana, her obedience allowed them to live happily in marriage for ten years.

“Every man has their own rules and their own vision of the family. Mine, for example, absolutely will not let me alone. For security purposes and not only. Our family is strictly forbidden wife walking, sitting in restaurant alone or with friends. The option of separate holidays – it is generally beyond our reality,” wrote Oksana.
Бывшая девушка Джигана рассказала о его изменах

Now, when conflicts over the despotism of the husband over, Samoilova does not see anything wrong with that, to spend the weekend exclusively with my husband.

Бывшая девушка Джигана рассказала о его изменах“When my husband 10 years ago, first reported the news that I haven’t been able to meet, hang out, walk without it, was a scandal. I felt so disadvantaged and firmly protested. I even remember I went somewhere against his decision. Then there was a scandal to the moon and back. And then I realized: why do I need it? I clearly knew that I wanted to be with her future husband, realized that all my “friends” is temporarily realized that discord in our future family nothing, actually, undermine the confidence of her future husband and spend our collective nerve cells” – said the wife of rapper.
Бывшая девушка Джигана рассказала о его изменах

The Council Samoilova not all subscribers liked. Many expressed their bewilderment, angry about such a Patriarchal despotism. Post scored a record number of comments – more than 10 thousand views. Including from the girl who introduced himself as a former girlfriend of the rapper. “I lived with him for 4.5 years before Oksana, I also once said that he is a star and I have to sit at home and he can do anything. The ban on girlfriends, too, for the reason that those friends I was told how he’d molest them, and some sleep, then I learned,” wrote the girl.

However, there were those who supported the 32-year-old Dzhigan and his rules of life. Among them – the Deputy of the state Duma, member of Committee on international Affairs Vitaly Milonov. The politician spoke, as always, directly, noting that such bans is “wonderful.”

“In this world of glamour and show business on a normal 150 lascivious. Therefore, in this case, of course, working with wasps and bees, you need to wear special costumes, communicating in this environment, you need to understand that this environment is toxic, immoral, and destructive,” said Vitaly Milonov.