Бывшая невеста Телегина подает на него в суд

Eugene Nour found a lawyer who will help her to restore justice. She intends to defend the rights they shared with the hockey son.

The forsaken bride hockey player Ivan Telegin was left alone with a small child in her arms. The athlete wants to participate in the life of his son Mark, whom he had seen only once. Through his godmother Cristina it passes the former sweetheart of 50 thousand rubles for the maintenance of the boy and paying for the apartment where the child lives with his mother.

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Eugene Nour tried to reach Telegina, to reason. The girl has already accepted that he left her for a famous singer Pelageya, which is also coming from the kid of a hockey player. Eugene explains that all she wants that the child was the father and that he in no way needed. But the athlete does not respond to the pleas of the former companion.

So Nour has decided not to wait and commence litigation. A single mother, which is now known all over the country, determined. She had already found a lawyer, who is preparing soon to file a lawsuit in court.

“After the program “live” I was offered help, offered a lawyer. I did not refuse, at the most there able to hire a good specialist in such cases. While I don’t want to tell the details, I can only say that we are preparing a lawsuit. I intend to protect the rights of his son,” admitted Eugene Nour Woman’s Day.

Friend Eugene Nastasia Romanov as you can support a friend in such a difficult moment. According to her, the incident is still incomprehensible. It happened all of a sudden. Ivan, without explanation, left his fiancée and son as if they were never there. But most importantly, the shock that the 24-year-old Ivan did not care what his firstborn needs.

“Ivan is a young rich hockey player, not in a hurry to create a good environment for the baby. Mark saw several times, even from the hospital did not pick up, ” says Romanov. — Yes, and from luxury apartments, where Zhenya lived, he moved it wisely. Suddenly Wife called the owner and asked to leave allegedly going to sell the property. Had to look for another accommodation. Many believe that Jack wants Vani only money and more, and it is not so. Eugene – positive, kind person, she only want my son to have everything, including the father. But Ivan apparently has absorbed other concerns. The Field will soon bear him a child, he’s all in a new family.

Jack is very worried that I would lose support from the father of the child, so she had to talk to a lawyer, ” says Nastasia. — Now preparing a lawsuit. Zhenya can count on 20% of the income Telegin, said the lawyer.

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