Ex-fiancee of Chris kelmi protects his property from the heirs

Экс-избранница Криса Кельми защищает его имущество от наследников Pauline Beebe was justified for stealing. Ex-girlfriend of Chris kelmi believes that the theft charge is baseless. According to her, the relatives decided to slander that the artist didn’t marry her and didn’t rewrite their assets.
Экс-избранница Криса Кельми защищает его имущество от наследников

Not so long ago in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” appeared eks-the beloved star of the 90s Chris kelmi Polina Belova. The man was accused by former fiancee that she was allegedly robbed. One day he noticed he was missing a large sum of money. The artist told me that the girl lived it is not permanent. According to him, she came, cleaned the apartment and cooked. Chris remembered that Pauline gave him tea, after which for two days he slept. After this he found in the closet of money. Beloved Chris kelmi made an attempt on him

However, she believes that her former lover turned against her relatives. Beebe was quick to Express his opinion. She believes that the ex-wife, son, and brother worried about the inheritance, and therefore tried his best to besmirch.

“Chris was in a wonderful relationship for over four years. The problems began after he filed for divorce with his wife. Lyudmila just scared that when Chris divorced her after his death she will not get anything from his property. Similarly frightened and brother Chris. After his wife and son, he also claimed the inheritance. They thought that since I’m from the province, will make sure that Chris copied me. But that’s not true,” admitted Pauline.
Экс-избранница Криса Кельми защищает его имущество от наследников

The girl suffers from on unfounded accusations. She admitted that she is unpleasant to listen to unjust accusations. According to Pauline, she owns a clothing store, but after hearing about the theft, the partners do not want to deal with it. The girl suggests that the ex-wife inspired kelmi that she is a fraud.

Despite the fact that the couple is not now together, Pauline recognizes the tender feelings to the artist. She hopes to restore with him a previous relationship. Chris kelmi is divorcing his wife and divides the apartment

“Of course I have a very big insult. I’m very hurt that he’d do this to me. But at the same time I am very worried about his health. I would like to see him, celebrate with him the New year, after all the previous years we this occasion were together, everything was fine. While there was no application for divorce, his wife lived quietly, had a good time with lovers. By the way, she’s still drinking and hanging out,” said Belov in an interview with “Interlocutor”.