Экс-избранница Александра Семчева заставила его пройти ДНК-тест The Studio program “really” a woman, who claimed to bare a child from Alexander Semchev, with whom she had a relationship for more than six years ago. Her words decided to check with the DNA test.
Экс-избранница Александра Семчева заставила его пройти ДНК-тест

49-year-old actor Alexander Semchev will be remembered by many viewers after starring in the TV series “Turkish March”, “Maroseyka, 12”, “request Stop”. He also is active in the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov. Recently, however, his name often POPs up in connection with the scandal. More than 20 years Semchev had no contact with the illegitimate son. Only recently he was able to establish a relationship with Pavel Mainbeam, finding him on the transfer of “actually”.

In the new edition of in the Studio came another woman Hope Eckert, who claims that about six years ago, became pregnant by Alexander.

At first she liked the performances with his participation, however, after one of the performances Hope personally talked with Semchev. “He liked me as an actor. Notice how the man he did not like me. After each performance, I gave him flowers. The last time I gave him flowers, he took me by the hand very gently, kissed me, looked me in the eye and said he would wait for me on the porch at the theater,” — said Eckert.

They periodically met with Alexander, and in between was an intimate relationship. Hope, who was then 27 years old, accidentally got pregnant. When she said about a child actor, he was furious. It happened six weeks after they met.

“When I said that she was pregnant, he stopped, sat down. And he said very rudely and abruptly, “Go away, get an abortion. Your screwed and you’re with him that’s on you”, — with horror remembers ex-fiancee movie stars.
Экс-избранница Александра Семчева заставила его пройти ДНК-тест

According to experts of the program, at this time, Hope could be in an intimate relationship with another man, Alexander. Now they are married and he is engaged in the education of his son Artem.

Appeared in the Studio of Aleksandr Semchev did not deny that he was familiar with Hope. “If she is sure that the boy is willing to pay child support”, — said the actor. The movie star decided to wait for the results of the DNA test.

Nadezhda’s husband was not afraid to join the conversation. “Basically for six years I knew that Artem is not from me,” said Alexander. However, Hope had never personally talked to him about it. Until shortly before filming, she was not afraid to voice this information. The husband of the heroine is ready to take care of Artyom, even if a DNA test will prove the relationship of the boy with Semchev.

Presenter Dmitry Shepelev was shocked by the words of Alexander. “I want to tell you that I am absolutely shocked that you did. And especially shocked that you are here, so I sincerely can say thank you for your generosity,” said Shepelev.

According to the results of the DNA test, it turned out that Aleksandr Semchev is not the father Artem. Though Hope insisted that the actor is the father of her son. In the end, the woman admitted that she gave birth to a boy from her husband.