Ex-fiance of Lady Gaga found her replacement

Экс-жених Леди Гаги нашёл ей замену

Life must go on. Taylor Kinney is not going to wait a lifetime Lady Gaga, which they broke up a few months ago. Western media claim that the actor has already found a replacement for the former bride in the person of 26-year-old Joanna, Digiovanni< /strong>.

Only recently Lady Gaga noted in an interview that he and Taylor were and still are very close friends. However, the singer stated that if Kinney will have a new darling, to enjoy the fireworks would be (obviously, feelings of ownership and jealousy have not left her soul).
“I won’t make a hell of a party on this occasion” — said the singer.
And then came this moment – Taylor is credited with an affair with a girl from South Philadelphia, an employee of the University hospital of Thomas Jefferson.
Eyewitnesses claim that the couple has been seen in Austin, Texas, for the Formula 1. Digiovanni also several times visited the shooting of the series “Chicago Fire” where they filmed Taylor.
“Alanna crazy about him. He said that soon she will come to her in Philadelphia, maybe even this weekend. She definitely likes him,” said the insider.
Meanwhile, Lady Gaga’s ex-fiancee Kinney, plunged into the work. She is promoting her new album and expects to continue the filming of the series “American horror story”.