Экс-жених Кайли Миноуг Джошуа Сасс всё-таки женился

Aspiring actor Joshua Sass already gained notoriety due to relationship with Kylie Minogue, which lasted a year and a half. The painful separation ended for the singer in Thailand, where she was treated for a nervous breakdown. The Sassari. in my personal life all went wrong. He decided to marry Harriet Colling, who eventually ran away from him, saying that they are absolutely incompatible. It is obvious that this is another PR stunt novice actor, so the native star was delighted by her act.

Экс-жених Кайли Миноуг Джошуа Сасс всё-таки женился

But, the actor still got his and got married. Last weekend, Sass took to wife Louise Ainsworth in Byron Bay. At the wedding were invited only the closest.

We will remind, fans of Kylie Minogue believed that with the actor Joshua Sass she will find happiness. The age difference does not bother anyone, everyone believed that the relationship can be strong, stable and ultimately to end the marriage.

But to think it was a bit early… Sass and Minogue broke up and the reason was treason Joshua with Spanish actress Marta Milans.

As soon as this news became public, Joshua became a gigolo, who wanted nothing from Kylie, just her fame and money. At least this was sure, many secular observers and fans of the singer.

In addition, fans of Kylie reproached Sassari. in hypocrisy, putting him in reproach, termination of their joint campaign with Kylie Say I Do Down Under immediately after breaking up with her. Joshua tired of suffering and hastened to dot the I: “I Think I can find a minute in order to silence those fools who read the tabloids and believe everything that is written in them. The Say I Do campaign was short, her goal was to raise awareness of more people about the existing problem, and we did it in double the volume. We gathered about 15 thousand dollars for charity organizations of the LGBT community, our message has spread around the world. As a result, the billions of people who did not know about the problem of legal inequality, become active members of our campaign. We are very proud that we have achieved”.

Joshua is sure that only love and faith in a brighter future can do great things: “the world has enough anger, hate, so try to focus on love, on something positive. Yes, I support the idea of gender equality, I also support programs for preservation of clean water, de-pollution activities in Zambia and Nepal and many other campaigns, organizations and foundations. So before you say something, think better direct your energy to something more constructive and creative. #vsemmire”.