Ex-driver Volochkova has accused her of sexual harassment to employees

Экс-водитель Волочковой обвинил ее в сексуальных домогательствах к сотрудникам Alexander Skirtach revealed the shocking truth about the ballerina. According to him, Anastasia Volochkova insisted on sexual intimacy, but the man was strongly against it. According to the former employee of the star, because of the failure he was in prison.
Экс-водитель Волочковой обвинил ее в сексуальных домогательствах к сотрудникам

The scandal between Anastasia Volochkova and her former driver Alexander Skirtcan developed over many months. First, the star accused the man of stealing large sums of money, and then cheating. As a result of much wrangling, a former employee of the ballerina went to jail for six months.

Now Skirtach is under house arrest. The man decided to tell the program “New Russian sensations” on how they developed their relationship with Volochkova, and why he actually was in prison. According to Alexander, it was the usual revenge of the offended woman who refused sexual intimacy.

“She constantly was trying to tell me, insisted that I stay overnight in her house. On the first day of work I saw Volochkova naked, as she likes to go naked. And one day she just said “I want you”. Then I laughed it off, tried to change the subject. However Volochkova more and more insisted,” said Skertich.

According to the man, then he was born the idea of the hard deception of the stars. Anastasia wanted to spend with him a few days, and Alexander lied, that his mother died. Shocked Volochkova gave him several hundred thousand rubles for the funeral, and then was horrified to learn that the parent Skirtach alive.

“I just had no choice. In that period, it became clear that if I continue to deny it, she’ll fire me. Then I learned that all the men who worked in her house, slept with her. Once Volochkova fired in 1-2 months”, – told ex-the driver of a ballerina.

Alexander’s wife Sofia believes in loyalty to her husband. Moreover, she believes that due to the failure Volochkova Skirtach and ended up in prison. “It was a woman’s revenge. Him, because he chose me. Me that I was better than her,” said the wife of the driver.

However, the Anastasia has repeatedly said he did not doubt the guilt of the former driver. She stressed that their close relationship with Skirtcan can’t justify theft. According to the ballerina, Alexander dovozili money entrusted to him, to the Bank, and almost worn out her fancy foreign car.

Now the actress meets with a man named Michael, but recently their relationship had difficulties. The star was much less likely to share photos with the second half. But about a scandal with a former driver Volochkova trying not to think about it, hoping that such a disappointment will never catch up.