Экс-директор Никиты Джигурды подражала Марине Анисиной, чтобы соблазнить артиста A former colleague Nikita Dzhigurda than once provoked the artist was trying to seduce him. For this Antonina Savrasov even dyed her hair bright red and constantly lied to Anisina those infidelities of her husband.
Экс-директор Никиты Джигурды подражала Марине Анисиной, чтобы соблазнить артиста

The scandalous breakup of Nikita Dzhigurda with his wife Marina Anisina those few years were excitedly discussing the fans of the couple. 57-year-old actor has been accused of infidelity, and 42-year-old skater in the addiction to alcohol. However, contrary to the gossip and numerous separations, the lovers were able to establish a relationship.

In their fragile family the world has burst new scandal – in the program “really” came Antonina Savrasov, who worked with Nikita as its Director. As admitted by the woman herself, all this time, she wanted to get a Hold of the family. To achieve the desired Antonina had to lie the lawful wife of the showman, inventing a non-existent adultery. In addition, Savrasov began to imitate Anisina – dyed her hair bright red and began to copy her style in clothes.

“Can you say that you tried to seduce Nikita?” – ask the experts on the talk shows. She replied: “No, absolutely not” and then said that Savrasov blatantly lying.

“Alas, I used to believe Antonina Savrasova. Until she was convinced that she was lying! Me and Nikitas, and programs, and in the media,” commented unpleasant situation Marina.

The polygraph also confirmed that Antonina had experienced sexual attraction to the Army and always wanted to be Marina Anisina those. But not having made plans, began to retaliate former mentee. So, when life Dzhigurda was a scandal because of the will of the deceased Lyudmila Bratash, its ex-Director even tried to find dirt on the artist and his wife to help his sister Bratash to win a court case.

“Antonina once saw a movie does not own any information, just gives it fabricated the same false history of the PR where possible, tries to be “significant,” earning the slander. I’m sorry this poor, lonely woman. It has long been smart people figured out, and she want all the fame! When I saw that Tonya writes that “to have sex with Nikita was not a problem”, then I felt really sorry for her,” said Nikita.

Recall that the skater has met with the artist in 2007. Then Marina took part in the TV show “Dancing on ice” where she had to speak with Nikita Dzhigurda. Between partners instantly broke out a novel, and a year later the couple married. Marina Anisina gave the actor son of Mika-Angelo Krista and daughter, called Eva-Vlad.

29 November 2016 after many trials the skater filed for divorce and left with the children to France. However, even after the breakup of the ex-spouses are not seen together, after which many felt that the divorce Nikita and Marina – only a competent public relations-a course.