Ex-Director Dana Borisova told about her condition

Экс-директор Даны Борисовой рассказала о ее состоянии Producer Leroy Tuwina reported that at the moment the leading is undergoing treatment. According to familiar TV stars, she is ready to take the first step towards final recovery. Tuwina not hide his joy about the fact that Borisov managed to save.

A few days ago in the air “Let them talk” Andrei Malakhov was the first to address the history, have excited the whole country. Mother, TV presenter Dana Borisova contacted the program asking for assistance. The woman said that her daughter regularly uses drugs. Friends, This was ready to come to her aid to get her to think again. The film crew of the popular TV show visited Borisov. In his microblog Dana told the fans that went to Samui. Star plans to recover abroad.

Mom Dana Borisova rescues her from drug addiction

A few days after the release of the software, which caused heated public debate, the ex-Director Dana Borisova Lera Tuwina told reporters about her condition. Producer told that at the moment the star is undergoing rehabilitation. According to Lera, her friend was indeed in a difficult situation, but the celebrity was saved in time.

“Dana’s treatment. People really got in trouble. Say, will she be able to overcome the difficulties, no one can. All the will of God. First and foremost, Dana needs to understand that she needs to fight itself. She’s ready for it. Dana recognizes that she is in trouble. She is now providing to help. At the moment one is saved. Here two or three days ago, could happen a tragedy. And we would now be talking very differently about it. For example, how people jumped from the 13th floor” — shared Tuwina.

The woman does not hide his negative attitude to the stylist of Kim and ray. Tuwina sure that he took advantage of the state leading to personal gain. The car that he gave Dana, he allegedly never returned. According to Lera, her friend personally called to the man, but the whereabouts of the car is still not installed.

“If he’s got two kids and a wife, what he behaves? This leads to two conclusions: either he with orientation disorder, or he had fulfilled his mission in dealing with Dana”, — said the producer during the conversation with reporters Sobesednik.ru.

We also add that she is Given Borisov does not recognize the fascination with illicit drugs. In the air, “Let them talk” star said that recovering from anorexia. In turn, the mother of the TV presenter insists on a different version of events. For the first time about the difficult relationship with a parent is Given to speaking in 2015. During a candid interview with Andrey Malakhov celebrity are unable to restrain emotions. Later Borisov have regretted it and asked the editor does not show the conversation with her.