Ex-Deputy of the singer Maksim forbids to show the heiress

Экс-избранник певицы МакSим запрещает показывать наследницу Artist saves the youngest daughter from the scrutiny of the public. Despite the fact that the singer Maksim happy to share what is happening in the life of the eldest of Sasha, she explained why not is committed to provide a two-year Masha fans.

Singer Maksim made no secret that the breakup with the father of her younger daughter Masha, businessman Anton Petrov, was a real blow. A friend of the actress told “StarHit” that Marina Maksimova (the real name of the singer. – Approx. “StarHit”) is very hard experienced a breakup with a lover, who left her for another woman. Husband Mack left her with child and married another woman

Now the artist lives life to the fullest, and fans are happy to watch over it with the help of social networks. Despite the fact that she often talks about in his eldest daughter Sasha, a little girl she tries to hide from prying eyes. The baby’s father is also of the opinion that it is better not to introduce the child to the public.

“I don’t show enough of the youngest daughter, because it was the wish of the Pope. We respect this wish and meet your needs. When she wants and will ask to appear somewhere, we will think of it. While we are adults,” admitted Marina reporters.

However, the actress is happy to talk about Hobbies baby. She is proud to have a two-year Masha is already evident vocal talent and discovered a passion for foreign languages.

“Little daughter is quite creative, and she sings very loud. It deals with English tightly, says the same in English and in Russian – open up the artist. Sings the whole house, it is very fun, even the teachers laugh. Sasha – girl, more thoughtful, more serious. Well, and she feels responsible. She’s a real elder sister – such about which to write books”.

Marina Maksimova tries to have its successor from an early age acquired as much knowledge as possible. She’s not a supporter of idle way of life, and therefore he wants that girls are not lazy and was always busy.

“I always think that I’m too little they give education, although everyone who sees how much they do, say, “Well, did you give the children a rest!” Man must adapt to be constantly busy, and then he did not have enough time to be lazy,” – shared his point of view, the singer in the air “OK!”.