Ex-Deputy of Tatyana Larina was arrested for possession of a controlled substance

Экс-избранник Татьяны Лариной задержан за хранение запрещенных веществ Participant of “Battle of psychics” threatens three years of imprisonment. Julia Mitkevich-Dalecki suspect in a serious crime. Examination has already confirmed that the package seized from a participant of the popular project, was a narcotic drug. The man is now in a state of divorce, psychic Tatiana Larina, which has repeatedly raised hand.

Member of the fifteenth season of the popular project of channel TNT “Battle of psychics” and the former is the chosen psychic of Tatyana Larina Julius Mitkevich-dalecki detained in St. Petersburg on suspicion of a serious crime.

Reportedly, 26-year-old young man in the evening of 1 December, the police stopped. During the inspection of Julia Mitkevich-Dalecki found some substance in a small package.

The content was immediately sent for examination in Ekspertno-the criminalistic center of the Department of the interior Ministry, where it was established that the participant of “Battle of psychics” was seized prohibited drugs. Julius Mitkevich-dalecki is suspected of committing a crime for which he faces up to three years of imprisonment. However, it is not clear whether instituted a criminal case against him.

That young man leads a dissolute life, “StarHit” in a recent interview told Tatyana Larina, who was two years wife Julia Mitkevich-Dalecki, and is now in a state of divorce from him. The woman admitted that Julius raised a hand to her, and she suspected that he can take illegal drugs. And in April of this year, the psychic caught wife, merry in the company of strangers, in your own home. Tatyana Larina was outraged to the core by such behavior on the part of the husband. This was the last straw in their relationship.

Her husband beat psychic Tatyana Larina in front of the son. PHOTO

“When bludgeoned me, I was in a strange state, as if drugged. The next day I woke up a different person and acted as if nothing had happened. And I had to cover the bruises. One day, Yegor, my eight year old son from his first marriage, witnessed the showdown. Now, he says, “Mom, you have to stay married. Your uncle will beat,” said Tatyana Larina “StarHit”.

Then the psychic was determined not to let the beating Julius Mitkevich-Dalecki. She wanted to punish him for his violence against her and prepared a statement to the police. Now the party of “Battle of psychics” will have to answer for their actions to the fullest extent of the law. Now the young man is under the watchful eye of law enforcement. According to Life, with Julia Mitkevich-Dalecki taken recognizance not to leave.