Ex-daughter-in-law Vasily Livanov is preparing a new lawsuit against the family of the actor

Экс-невестка Василия Ливанова готовит новый иск к семье актера Among family members of the people’s artist of Russia experienced a series of scandals. Ex-wife of Boris Livanov is preparing a new lawsuit. The woman wants it removed restrictions in the parental rights.
Экс-невестка Василия Ливанова готовит новый иск к семье актера

Ex-daughter-in-law Vasily Livanov Catherine told reporters that he wants to regain his parental rights, therefore, is preparing a new lawsuit against the family of national artist.

Litigation faced by family members of 82-year-old famous actor Vasily Livanov, last year. A few years ago, the son of artist Boris was released on PAROLE from prison where he was serving a sentence for murder of the drinking companion on Christmas night. Man has adapted to life at large and engaged in creativity. While the dynasty continues “share” a 15-year-old granddaughter with her mother Catherine Livanova, ex-wife of Boris.

“Eva now moved back to the grandparents in the center of Moscow. The fact that I live in the Moscow suburb of Khimki, it is difficult to get to school. But we talk on the phone every day, for the weekend she comes to me, particularly when writing in school to write. Have Levanovich no one can do it sitting is a writer and folk artist and are unable to help the child. My daughter is already 15 years old, she is studying in 9th class, you need to choose her profession. Wish she went to School the Moscow art theater, and his father plans to give her to the Theatre of mimicry and gesture, even took her back to the performances. I asked him to do it in the normal place to give, to Tabakov best! She now for the first time in films with his father, apparently, grandpa gave them a shot,” – said Catherine.
Экс-невестка Василия Ливанова готовит новый иск к семье актера

According to the woman, shooting the picture – the only thing that helped the famous grandfather Vasily Borisovich to his granddaughter. Ex-daughter-in-law of actor believes that he was always busy only with themselves. Ekaterina has told about preparation of a new lawsuit to Livanov.

“The fact that I received a conviction for non-payment of alimony. I was prescribed 9 months of hard labor and released them under an Amnesty. The criminal record is extinguished, but I can’t settle into a normal place. Work as a cashier in the restaurant. I will again plead with Ivanovii below I have removed the restriction of parental rights, due to which I lost all social benefits as the mother of a disabled person,” shared Catherine.

Heir to an acting family since childhood is hard of hearing. According to ex-wife of Boris Livanov, she stopped to chat with him because when there was a trial, he gave up and did not intervene in the conflict, relatives of the baby.

Ex-daughter-in-law and the illegitimate son of Vasily Livanov United against him

Catherine follows the life of former wife of Boris. She was aware of his recent fling with Maria Golubkina. We will remind, Boris said about the relationship with the actress this summer in one of the shows.

“Borya is bored, so he decided with Maria to have fun, and then I realized that all gone, and canceled the wedding. And she’s still stalking him. He recently came to film in Petersburg, she met him on the platform drunk, tried to make peace,” said the former sister-in-law.
Экс-невестка Василия Ливанова готовит новый иск к семье актера

Catherine Livanov said the publication “the Source” that the son of Sherlock Holmes still loves her, so never marry another.